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Mind and Behaviour

Major specialisation: Mind and Behaviour
Mind and Behaviour

Students dive into the heart of all human activity: the psychology of how we think, feel, and behave. The complexity of mind and behaviour requires that students travel back and forth through the microscale dimensions of the individual and the macroscale dimensions of culture. In doing so, students address questions such as: How and why do we filter incoming information to understand the world around us? How do our identities, personalities, and abilities emerge across our lifespan? What role do societal norms play in the increasing prevalence of depression and anxiety?

To explore mind and behaviour, students will engage in an array of distinctive courses, such as: Biopsychology, Social and Cultural Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. Students will also achieve a solid foundation in the statistical and experimental skills that make psychology a science. Throughout these courses, students will benefit from numerous learning environments including: tutorials, small group work, interactive discussions, debates, presentations, simulations, and more! These diverse approaches to teaching are mirrored by a diverse set of thoughtful assessment approaches that allow students to demonstrate all that they have learned.

The faculty in Mind and Behaviour look forward to working with curious, thoughtful, and motivated individuals. At the end of their journey, students will be positioned to enroll in psychology-related masters programmes and pursue diverse careers such as scientist, policy maker, human resource adviser, manager, marketing expert, coach, teacher and entrepreneur.

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