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International Business & Entrepreneurship

Major specialisation: International Business and Entrepreneurship
International Business and Entrepreneurship

The focus of this area is on international business and entrepreneurship. It aims to understand the global business strategy and analyses how international business and multinationals strategically operate in the global market. It discusses the implications of their strategies and addresses ethical dilemmas. Special attention is also given to the principles of entrepreneurship and the role of entrepreneurship in society.

Students focus on international businesses strategy in a global context. It addresses how the political context affects global corporate strategies and how moral dilemmas can and should be solved.

The main courses are: Micro-economics, International business, Global corporate strategy, and Principles of entrepreneurship. During the study some of the core questions addressed are: How do corporations internationalise? How do cultural, political and regulatory differences affect corporate strategy? How do different (national) law systems influence corporate decision making? What are the global challenges an international firm is faced with? During their courses students will get interactive lectures and practical seminars in which active class participation is required. Assessments methods include writing essays, journal papers, strategy plans, a written exam and oral presentations.

University College Groningen is the only University College in the Netherlands with an Centre of Entrepreneurship embedded within its faculty. This gives UCG students access to an exclusive track at the Centre of Entrepreneurship.

Students can continue their studies in master programmes in e.g. international business management, international strategy and small business and entrepreneurship. Future jobs would be in corporations, private companies or national governments and international organisations such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund.

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Last modified:25 September 2023 4.35 p.m.