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Physics of Energy

Physics of energy is a specialisation in the Sciences major.

Physics of Energy at UCG combines a core of physics and mathematics with elements of social sciences and philosophy, to train students in problem solving and analytical thinking. Competences in modern physics and its mathematical formulation will be acquired together with the capacity to communicate the knowledge in an elegant, effective and modern fashion, in a learning environment that is hands-on, multi-disciplinary and problem-based.

The programme is built in a modular way meaning students can begin by studying physics, then progress to exploring related disciplines such as Astronomy, Applied Mathematics, Nanoscience, etc. Following this specialisation will allow you to directly enrol onto any physics master programme, and other master programmes in science will be also accessible upon fulfillment of certain requirements. We will guide you towards a master programme that best suits your needs and that serves as a good entry into your future career.

The job prospects for a UCG graduate are very broad. Possibilities include working as a scientist for research institutions (e.g. R&D in industry, research institutes, or at a university); various industry roles (ranging from engineering to management positions); and careers in technology policy making, journalism, and business consultancy are also commonly found.

You can view the presentation for Physics of Energy here.

The coordinator for Physics of Energy is Prof. Dr. Maria Antonietta Loi

This is what a Specialisation in Physics of Energy looks like year to year:

Physics of Energy
Physics of Energy

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