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Philosophy, Politics and International Law (PPIL)

Specialise in International Law

PPIL is a specialisation within the Social Sciences major.

Societal challenges are often complex. Think about climate change or international migration. Dealing with them effectively requires insight into various disciplines. The specialisation Philosophy, Politics and International Law provides such an interdisciplinary approach, with an emphasis on the role of law in determining what actions are required or acceptable.

  • Combine Law courses with Philosophy courses to obtain a deeper understanding of law and justice
  • Develop a strong interdisciplinary basis in law and political decision making to address complex societal issues
  • Prepare for a career in public policy making and implementation
  • Specialise in international (human rights) law to serve civil society organisations in their human rights advocacy or climate action
  • Follow this specialisation and prepare for Master programmes in International Law, Human Rights Law, International Relations, International Public Management, etc.

This is what a Specialisation in PPIL looks like year to year:

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