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Health and Life Sciences

The scope of this specialisation ranges from cell biology to human physiology, immunology, microbiology and other important areas in human biology, and their relevance for health and disease. Non-medical/biological perspectives on these topics are important to UCG, which encourages multidisciplinary approaches to problem solving, and these perspectives are part of the specialisation whenever appropriate. Students study the topics in this specialisation through small group lectures, working groups, journal clubs, laboratory practicals and self-study.

In the second year, the programme explores the key concepts in human and medical biology. Its courses are all compulsory as they provide the necessary background for the more advanced biomedical courses in the third year. In the third year, courses are elective and have the purpose of providing more in-depth knowledge. Currently, they focus on the biology and health care aspects of ageing, on movement and its disorders, on personalised medicine and on global health. However, there is flexibility in the design of the contents of these elective courses and student preferences will be taken into account.

This specialisation is particularly aimed at UCG students who wish to pursue research masters in the biomedical field. During the programme, the tutors at UCG and the other faculties can offer information and guidance with respect to the choices for research master programmes and provide information on the various admission criteria for these masters. This information is also important when choosing particular elective courses within or outside of UCG and when choosing a bachelor thesis topic.

You can view the presentation on Health and Life Sciences  here.

The coordinator for Health and Life Sciences is Prof. Dr. Hidde Haisma

This is what a Specialisation in Health and Life Sciences looks like year to year:

Health and Life Sciences Major
Health and Life Sciences Major

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