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Brain, Behaviour and Culture

Brain, Behavior and Culture is a specialisation in the Social Sciences major. It covers an exciting and rapidly developing field of science. At its heart lies understanding the human mind: cognition and neuroscience. But at UCG we do not just study the minds of isolated individuals. The human mind has a social dimension: it allows us to communicate, to have moral convictions, to develop cultures, and to form societies. So, at UCG we study the human mind in connection with the social environment that shapes it, that it responds to and that itself is shaped by the behaviour of many individuals.

Understanding the complexities of cognition and behaviour is an essential part of most of today's major challenges. Whether we look at environmental challenges, the economic behaviour (and sometimes misbehaviour) of corporations, the global rise in obesity, large-scale migration or international conflict and the threat of terrorism: they all have a psychological component and they all require behavioural change. UCG will equip you to address these challenges from more than one angle.

Within UCG, we will guide you towards a master programme that serves as a good entry into a future career. The job prospects for a UCG graduate are to work as a behavioural expert for corporations (e.g., in marketing or HR, or as a senior corporate strategist), for government at local, national or international level (e.g., policy making, development of interventions for sustainability, quality of life, health etc.) or for a research institute (e.g., R&D in industry, research companies and consultancy, or university).

You can view the major presentation on Brain, Behaviour and Culture here.

The coordinator for BBC is Dr. Wander Jager.

This is what a Specialisation in BBC looks like year to year:


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