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Prof. Dr. Barend van Heusden

Prof. Dr. Barend van Heusden
Prof. Dr. Barend van Heusden

Name: Barend van Heusden

Nationality: Dutch

Qualifications: Prof. Dr.

What you’ll teach at University College Groningen: Parts of the Humanities programme

Barend was born in Luxemburg (1957), grew up in Italy (Varese), and studied in Groningen (BA in Dutch Language and Literature; MA in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory; electives: Italian and Theory of History); his PhD thesis was in Semiotics and Literary Theory (1994). Barend has worked at the universities of Utrecht (2 years), Amsterdam (1 year) and Groningen. He holds the chair of Culture and Cognition, with special reference to the Arts, in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media Studies. S ince 2009, Barend supervises the national project ‘Culture in the Mirror: toward a curriculum for culture education’. In this project, culture education is approached from a cognitive-semiotic perspective.


Culture and/as Cognition, Evolution of Culture, Arts and Aesthetics, Culture Education

Personal Information:

My favourite food is… Fruits (all kinds of)

My favourite thing about Groningen is… The air, the wind and the Ommelanden

My favourite places in the world are… The mountains of Norway and Spain (or Spain and Norway)

Something most people didn’t know about me is… How mad I am about bananas

My biggest achievement is… Hopefully still to come

When I’m not working… I’m not in despair

I get a lot of inspiration from… All sorts of change and variation

Contact Information:


Phone: 0031 50 363 608

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