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Alumni Association UCG
GALAS is a network of young professionals advocating for excellence and inclusivity
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Groningen Alumni Liberal Arts and Sciences

GALAS is the Alumni Association for former students of University College Groningen and is designed to cultivate a network between Alumni and UCG students as well as maintain a close relationship with the institution itself.

Were you an active, committed and enthusiastic member of our UCG community during your time at UCG and would you like to help keep your class and other UCG alumni better connected to the Faculty? Then we are looking for you! Come join the ever-growing Alumni community of UCG. We currently have 117 Alumni! The family is growing fast.

The Association is run by Alumni for Alumni and is designed to be the first point of contact for Alumni looking to expand their career network, as well as assist UCG in continuously improving its operations. In addition to rotating members of Alumni who will steer the Board of the Association, crucial members of the current UCG community (including the Caerus student association, a third year student and the Alumni Officer) will help grow this Association. This board meets approximately once a month and is supported by Alumni Class Representatives from each graduating class of our study programme (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021). These class representatives make up the core body of the association as they are the main bridge of contact between their class, the association and, by extension, UCG.


The purpose of the Alumni Association is to foster relationships between University College Groningen staff and current students, and Alumni, both locally and internationally. Moreover, the association will provide annual networking events, related to social and academic activities in order to facilitate such relationships. The Association is committed to maintaining a stable network among Alumni, through LinkedIn.


GALAS' vision is to mobilize the spirit of the UCG community into an inclusive network of young professionals. Students and Alumni support and encourage each other throughout their careers and outside through social events. The association promotes a respectful, dynamic and open environment to boost career opportunities, mentoring and internships in a number of fields. In the near future, we wish to lay foundation to a strong and interactive Alumni institution.

Meet our Board

"I am Eden Winkels, the first Chair of the Alumni Association. For those that know me well, this position comes as no surprise but to those who I have yet to meet: a small introduction.
I was the Chair of the SOC (Social Orientated Committee from the Caerus student association) in 2017-2018 and was also involved in many different ways at Caerus and UCG: the Introduction Committee, Graduation Committee, PIXEL, the Accreditation Panel, and the Shame Project! I absolutely loved my time at UCG and after having designed the Association during an internship, I'm thrilled that I’m able to continue to cultivate relationships more than a year after graduating.
I currently study in London and am finishing an LLM in International Human Rights Law and hope to work in human rights advocacy, security or development in the near future."
Vice Chair
"My name is Kaja Warnke, and I graduated from UCG in 2020.
Currently, I am pursuing a Research Master at Utrecht University in Migration and Ethnic Relations, and I am really excited to stay in touch with the lovely UCG community via my position as Vice Chair of this association!
During my time at UCG and Caerus, I was part of Civitas, chaired Orbis from 2018-2019, and was responsible for Committee Affairs as well as UCG’s academic representation in UCSRN in the fifth Caerus Board (2019-2020). I was involved in UCG’s Career Department and contributed to the organization of events such as the Alumni Panel and the Master Markets. I’m excited to work on nurturing UCG’s community after graduating and fostering a network that allows us to stay in touch!"
Class Representative - Class of 2020
"Greg Charitonos is a graduate of the Class of 2020, braving the end of his senior year with the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. As Chair of the Faculty Council in 2018-2019, Greg is keenly aware of the inner workings of UCG and has long been committed to making improvements for students and staff! We're super excited to have him as the Class Representative of the Class of 2020!"
Class Representative - Class of 2019
"My name is Léa-Claire Tersou (though usually just go by Léa) and I am the Class Representative for the 2019 UCG class.
During my time at UCG I studied Health and Life Sciences, though was particually interested in psychology, mental health, as well just people generally. Most people at UCG know me for humor and wits, or most likely for my free form and third-year project 'The Shame Project' (where I and my group-mates advocated for more open talks about mental health through the use of storytelling). I loved my time at UCG and remember it very fondly, having made great friends and met amazing people!
Now, after taking a gap year in South America working at children rehabilitation centers and then another year doing a psychology pre-masters, I am finally entering my masters in Clinical Neuropsychology in Groningen. I want to work with children in the future and advocate for their futures and voices. Nice to meet you all!"

Would you like to be a Class Representative?

It is crucial for any Alumni organisation to establish a strong connection to each and every graduate class.

A class representative streamlines this connection, providing effective communication between the association and your year.

As class representative you will, on occasion, reach out to your year group, and keep the association updated on exciting and relevant news regarding your classmates and their journeys. As well, you will have the fun assignment to report on the interests and sentiments of your year. It is a task best suited for someone well-known in your year, with connections to other members of your graduate class.

Being a class representative is a fun and social role that places you in an important position in the community. If this sounds like a role you would be interested in, please nominate yourself!

We look forward to hearing from you all.

Email after.ucg to show your interest.

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Connect with our Alumni

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The network is thought to be of support to the Alumni Association and it gathers current students, Alumni, staff and employers.


Any questions about GALAS or our Alumni?

Please send us a message on LinkedIn or mail us at after.ucg

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