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Why the Netherlands?

Educational system

  • Highest amount of English-taught programmes in a non-native English speaking country
  • Different educational system: easy to get in, but harder to stay in (due to the Dutch tradition of accessibility of education)
  • High quality of education: all Dutch Universities are in the World Top 200
  • Personal approach - Universities care about the success of their students and there is lots of interaction between students and lecturers
  • Less hierarchical structure - students are encouraged to ask questions in class, form their own opinions, to think critically etc.
  • Excellent facilities


  • Low tuition fees compared to other countires such as the US and the UK (but high quality education!)
  • Good amount of financial support from the Dutch government


  • Netherlands is the gateway of Europe - easy to access other European cities (the student visa counts how the whole Schengen area)
  • Open, tolerant, extremely international and welcoming country
  • Very safe - low rate of violent crime
  • Well connected with a good public transport system
  • One of the best non-native English-speaking countries
  • Easy to find a job without being able to speak Dutch
  • Good health system (much lower costs compared other countries such as the US)
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