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The city of Groningen

Facts about Groningen!

  • Capital of the northern region in the Netherlands
  • Groningen has it's very own airport, located in Eelde
  • Located just over 2 hours away from the capital Amsterdam
  • Typical student city (50.000 of the 200.000 inhabitants in Groningen are student)
  • The city is our campus (more than a quarter of the population is studying)
  • Youngest population of any city in the Netherlands (more than half of the population is under the age of 35)
  • Safe and friendly city
  • No tourist overload
  • City of Talent - Under the motto of: ‘Here is space for talent. Space for learning, for working and for growing. For further personal development and making the best of yourself."
  • Bicycle city (more than 60% of all journeys are made by bicycle)
  • The city centre is closed off for cars
  • Accommodation is cheaper compared to the randstad (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague)
  • Lots of events and (cultural) festivals, such as Noorderzon and Eurosonic
  • City of start ups (such as Hackerone - a hacker company that tests the cyber security of other companies)
  • Most innovative city in Europe (according to the European Commission)
  • Located near the ‘Wadden Sea'

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