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Dr. Mariet Hofstee

Dr. Mariet Hofstee
Dr. Mariet Hofstee


Mariet Hofstee




PhD Physics

What you teach at University College Groningen:

Science, Math, Physics, Projects


I am originally a Nuclear Physicist, then Astrophysicist, then Accelerator Scientist and these days do Physics Education Research (when time permits)

Personal Facts

My favourite food is…
Pasta salad with bowtie pasta, tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. We never have leftovers.

My favourite thing about Groningen is…
It’s size, you can walk or bike everywhere.

My favourite place in the world is…
My parent’s backyard

Something most people don’t know about me is…
I have done sudokus since before they had that name, but were just called ‘number puzzles’ (eighties, in Dell’s Logic Puzzle magazine).

My biggest achievement is…
Being one of 5 Dutch candidates in the 1992 European astronaut selection procedure (I didn’t get selected though)

When I’m not working I’m busy…
Doing sudokus while watching movies.

My inspiration is…
Helene Langevin Joliot, granddaughter of madame Curie and member of my PhD reading committee.

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