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prof. dr. W.M. (Wander) Lowie

Professor of Applied Linguistics
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+31 6 3198 4442 (Int. +31631984442)

Meesterschapsteam Moderne Vreemde Talen : national academic colloboration to support teaching methodology for modern languages. All information about this project can be found on the project website.


Completed projects:

PEIL.Engels : A rather large scale investigation into the level of English of young learners leaving primary school (2017-2018). Research by order of the Dutch ministery of education. More than 2000 learners from 130 schools were tested on several language skills, both receptive and productive. The study was conducted by a research consortium consisting of Educational Science (University of Groningen), Applied Linguistics (University of Groningen), Amsterdam University of Applied Science, CITO test developers. The Technical Report and the Report of the Ministery were published were published in January 2020.


TaalVaardig : Innovation of language teaching at the academic level. In this project we aimed at bringing language teaching at the university level up to date and link it to the Common European Framwork of Reference (CEFR), following new insights from research on the development of language proficiency. I chaired this project during the last two years.


EMBED : In this project we worked on assessment of language proficiency based on CEFR, using a databaswe with illustrations of descriptors for the differen proficiency skills. Several presentations and publications are available as the spinn-off of this project. See, for instance: 

Haines, K. , Lowie, W., Jansma, P., & Schmidt, N. (2013). EMBEDding the CEFR in Academic Writing Assessment: A case study in training and standardization Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 2(1).

Lowie, W. M. (2012). The CEFR and the dynamics of second language learning: trends and challenges Language Learning in Higer Education : Journal of the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education (CercleS) 2(1), 17 - 34.


PhonCall: In this project we developed a CALL module foru students to practise their pronunciation of English in an adaptive environment.

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