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S. (Susanne) Scheibe, Prof Dr

Professor Psychology

Susanne Scheibe is Professor of Lifespan Development and Organizational Behavior at the University of Groningen and Chair of the Organizational Psychology Expertise group within the Department of Psychology. Her research focuses on aging and well-being in the workplace. She is especially interested in emotional development across adulthood, how emotional changes with age affect people in work settings, and how work can be designed to foster each age group's strengths. Current projects focus on age differences in workplace affect and short-term reactivity to daily work events; links between age, emotional job demands and occupational outcomes; and emotion regulation as a resource for older workers’ maintenance of health and effectiveness at work. Originally from Germany, Susanne Scheibe studied psychology at Humboldt University Berlin and was a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Stanford University. In 2016, she was awarded the prestigious NWO VIDI grant for her research on the emotional benefits of growing older at work. She is partner investigator in the NWO Gravitation project Stress-in-Action, which was awarded in 2022.

Professional journey

Chair of the Expertise group Organizational Psychology, University of Groningen (2021-Present)

Professor of Lifespan Development and Organizational Behavior, University of Groningen (2017-2022: Adjunt professor, since 2022: Professor)

Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology, University of Groningen (2013-2017)

Assistant Professor of Organizational psychology, University of Groningen (2010-2013)

Postdoctoral researcher, Stanford University (2007-2010)

Postdoctoral researcher, Max Planck Institute of Human Development (2005-2007)

Ph.D., Lifespan Developmental Psychology, Free University Berlin (2005)

Diploma (M.A.), Psychology, Humboldt University Berlin (2001)

Professional activities

Member of General Board, Kurt Lewin Institute

Associate Editor, Cognition & Emotion

Consulting Editor, Work, Aging & Retirement

Member of Editorial Board, Psychology and Aging

Research Fellow, Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College

Ad hoc reviewer of 20+ academic journals (e.g. Assessment, Behavior Research Methods, Emotion, Journal of Applied Psychology)

Committee member, NWO VENI, VIDI, VICI (2015-2019)

Awards and grants

2022 Two PhD Funds, Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Groningen

2022 NWO Gravitation project Stress-in-Action, Partner investigator

2019 PhD Fund, Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Groningen

2016 NWO VIDI grant

2014 PhD Fund, Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Groningen

2013 Forschungspreis “Alter und Arbeit” [Research award “Aging and Work”], Becker-Stiftung Germany

2011 Featured in “Rising Stars in Psychological Science,” APS Observer, 24 (9)

2007 3-year Postdoctoral fellowship, German Research Foundation (DFG)

2006 Otto Hahn Medal, Outstanding Dissertation Award of the Max Planck Society, Germany

2001 Diploma (M.A.) Thesis Award, Department of Psychology at Humboldt University Berlin, Germany  

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