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How to find us prof. dr. S. (Susanne) Scheibe

prof. dr. S. Scheibe

Professor (adjunct) of Lifespan Development and Organizational Behavior

PSMAB-13 Aging at work and career development (Master Psychology)
In this course, we discuss research on aging at work and career development of workers from different age groups. Students will expand their practical skills by conducting interviews and developing an evidence-based solution for a problem related to career development or aging at work.
The course is part of the Master Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology and is given in Block 2b in English. The exam will be in English. The course includes weekly interactive seminars and verbal and written assignments that can be completed in English or Dutch. Course information on ocasys
GMSCS002 From problem analysis to intervention design (Research Master)
In this course, you will learn to design interventions aimed at achieving changes. Building upon the course ‘Theorizing Change’, this course will offer students a stepwise approach to intervention design, starting from in-depth problem analysis, gathering and integrating possible explanations of the problem, developing a model of key factors and processes explaining the problem and possible solutions, developing an intervention to solve the problem, and planning how to evaluate the intervention. This approach contributes to the formulation of intervention plans in the context of important societal or organizational problems that are likely to generate intended effects. You will work on real-life problems and come up with interventions that could have substantial impact. The challenge will be to present your intervention in a way that can convince practitioners to implement your intervention. Course information on ocasys

  • Honours research practicum, Bachelor Psychology. Link
  • Bachelor thesis, Psychology. Link
  • Master thesis, Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology. Link
  • Traineeship, Research Master BSS. Link
  • Master thesis, Research Master BSS. Link
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