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An older-age advantage? Emotion regulation and emotional experience after a day of work

The selection, optimization, and compensation model in the work context: A systematic review and meta-analysis of two decades of research

Let it be and keep on going! Acceptance and daily occupational well-being in relation to negative work events

Distract or reappraise?: Age-related differences in emotion regulation choice

Links between emotional job demands and occupational well-being: Age differences depend on type of demand

Practicing psychotherapists are more skilled at downregulating negative emotions than other professionals

A lifespan perspective on emotion regulation, stress, and well-being in the workplace

A literature review and emotion-based model of age and leadership: New directions for the trait approach

Emotional aging: Recent findings and future trends

Age and context effects in daily emotion regulation and well-being at work

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Video interview: Glückliche Greise (Happy seniors)

Kalme tijden zijn in aantocht (Calm times are ahead): interview

"Der Mensch ist ein Gesichterleser"

Can Older And Younger Colleagues Work Really Together Effectively?

Study and relax in the same room without going stir-crazy

Groningers wennen aan ‘nieuwe normaal’ en hebben vertrouwen in zorg

Inwoners noorden en oosten beginnen te wennen aan ‘nieuwe normaal’

Friezen hebben het zwaar in coronacrisis, maar zetten door tot vaccin er is

Work challenges in times of Covid-19: Older workers need support, younger workers too

Wohlbefinden Älterwerden: Den Jahren mehr Leben schenken

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