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Practical matters How to find us S. (Susanne) Scheibe, Prof Dr

S. (Susanne) Scheibe, Prof Dr

Professor of Lifespan Development and Organizational Behavior / Chair of Organizational Psychology

Research interests

Aging in the work context, well-being, emotional development across adulthood, emotion regulation, empathy


Employee age moderates within-person associations of daily negative work events with emotion regulation, attention, and well-being

Experience, vulnerability, or overload? Emotional job demands as moderator in trajectories of emotional well-being and job satisfaction across the working lifespan

A lifespan perspective on emotion regulation, stress, and well-being in the workplace

Emotional aging: Recent findings and future trends

Development and validation of film stimuli to assess empathy in the work context

Goldilocks work conditions for all ages: Age-conditional effects of work design profiles on well-being

Resilience during Crisis and the Role of Age: Involuntary Telework during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Age and context effects in daily emotion regulation and well-being at work

Age and Emotions in Organizations: Main, Moderating, and Context-Specific Effects

Age and Emotions in Organizations

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Can Older And Younger Colleagues Work Really Together Effectively?

Work challenges in times of Covid-19: Older workers need support, younger workers too

Kabinet kent ruim € 142 miljoen voor wetenschappelijk toponderzoek toe

Millions for scientific research into stress: Quite Unique on this Scale

Oudere RUG-medewerkers kunnen coronacrisis beter aan dan jongere

Face masks impair people’s ability to accurately classify emotional expressions

Schrijf oudere werknemers nooit af

Don't underestimate older employees

Onderzoek: mondkapjes maken sociaal verkeer een stuk lastiger, al oogt boos gezicht betrouwbaarder

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