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University Medical Center Groningen

dr. J. (Joke) Fleer

Universitair Docent


My research builds on my interest in adaptation to chronic illness (e.g., cancer, diabetes, heart disease) – knowing what it is that makes some people adjust relatively easily to their illness, whereas others find it hard to adjust.  

One line of work is concerned with psychological screening and interventions. While serious symptoms of depression are commonly found in chronically ill patients, these symptoms are rarely diagnosed by either primary care physicians or medical specialists, and when it is diagnosed, it is often left untreated. This line of research aims to improve care for these patients by introducing screening and develop interventions (e.g. CGT, mindfulness) aimed at relieving depressive symptoms in diabetes and cardiac patients.  

A second line of work focuses on the role of goal disturbance and goal adjustment in the adaptation to cancer. The pursuit of personally important goals has repeatedly been found to be positively related to psychological well-being. Experiencing difficulty attaining a personally important goal has been found to be related to elevated levels of psychological distress. Cancer and its treatment can lead to limitations in daily life, thereby, making the continued pursuit of desired personal goals difficult or even impossible (e.g., having children, following a course in painting, walking the dog). Therefore, this line of research aims to comprehensively investigate the impact of cancer on goals and goal adjustment in cancer patients.

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