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About us Medical Sciences Organization SCOPE - Expertise centre for personal development
University Medical Center Groningen


SCOPE - Expertise centre for personal development


The UMCG is committed to training students with a view to the future. How can we ensure that students continue to enjoy learning, not just now, but throughout their careers? How can we teach students to take responsibility for themselves and their working environment? And how can we help students to do that while maintaining a healthy balance?

The key to achieving all of the above lies in developing a curious and open attitude: an incredibly valuable skill which, unfortunately, often gets overshadowed in jam-packed curricula.

Continuous reflection

To ensure that this skill receives the structural attention it deserves, in 2015 the University of Groningen joined forces with the UMCG to set up an internal expertise centre for personal development: SCOPE.

SCOPE creates research-driven education based on a continued learning pathway for students at the Faculty of Medical Sciences. This encompasses a wide range of innovative educational activities in which students not only learn about and experience the importance of reflection in an educational setting, but also how to apply evidence-based methods that will help them to continue developing these skills throughout their careers.

Internal expertise centre

SCOPE is an internal expertise centre. This means that SCOPE staff members are aware of the concerns and needs of students and graduates. Students are increasingly under pressure to perform, and suffer from stress and burn-outs as a result. By addressing personal development in a systematic way within an educational setting, we can reduce or even prevent these problems. SCOPE is committed to the development of happy, healthy students who are able to reflect on themselves and their environment.

Breeding ground for development and cooperation

SCOPE is a breeding ground for knowledge and expertise in the field of personal development. Trainers, researchers and lecturers share expertise, views and experiences, so that together we can create innovative and academic teaching.

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