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Community of Practice Leader

Prof. dr. Joke Fleer,Adjunct Professor in Health Psychology, UMCG/FMS


How can we ensure that students and staff enjoy learning and working at the University of Groningen? How can we teach students and staff to take responsibility for themselves and their working environment, and contribute to creating a safe, healthy, and inclusive study- and work environment? How can we help students and staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance? These are just a few of the urgent questions that universities currently struggle with. There are many publications on high study- and workload, social safety problems, and (as a consequence) mental health problems (e.g. burnout) within academia. This has resulted in an increasingly loud call for a shift towards an academic culture that fosters positive health and wellbeing (e.g. Recognition & Reward, Diversity & Inclusion). We think that providing? Education can help to achieve this shift and will contribute to creating a safe, healthy and inclusive study- and work environment within the University of Groningen.


The mission of this CoP is to create a breeding ground for educational knowledge and expertise that helps to foster positive health and wellbeing among students and staff @ the UG. By bringing together teachers, researchers, trainers and students from the different faculties and services and let them share expertise, views and practices, we can further develop our educational knowledge in the broad domain of wellbeing (including positive health, burnout, workload and social safety), create evidence informed educational interventions and provide educational policy advice to faculties and board.

Last modified:29 March 2022 2.57 p.m.