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HR Specialists 2

Address:Broerstraat 5
9712 CP Groningen
The Netherlands


Bovenkamp, S.S. van den
Secretary of the Commission Royal Decoration/ Life- and vitalitycoach
Disler, drs. A.K.M.
Programme coordinator and trainer Talent Development; scientific editor TD
Duuren, P.J.P. van
Patient Involvement Officer (UMCG) - Young Professional Trainee
Feenstra, H., MA
academic editor (Talent Development)
Fidder, S., MSc
Project manager Traineeship Young Professionals
Jong, J. de
Consultant HR Development
Meijer, dr. A.
Academic Editor
Nutters, drs. T.
Academic Editor (Talent Development) / Funding Officer (Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies)
Salzano, A., MA MSc
Trainer and Coach
Spoelstra, drs. J.K.
HR Specialist and Project leader
Volbeda, drs. E.F.
HR Development, career couselor and trainer
Vries, J. de
Academic Editor (Talent Development)
Wagner, dr. A.E.
Trainer and Coach
Walle, R.K. van der
Consultant HR Development, trainer, coach
Weij, drs. R.M. van der
Projectmanager HR Experts
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