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Comparative Study of Religion

Address:Oude Boteringestraat 38
9712 GK Groningen
The Netherlands


Bartelink, dr. B.E.
Senior researcher / Assistant Professor
Berger, P., Dr
Associate Professor of Indian Religions and the Anthropology of Religion
Buitelaar, prof. dr. M.W.
Professor of Contemporary Islam
Gins, S., MA
PhD Researcher / Staff Mobility Coordinator
Knibbe, dr. K.E.
Associate Professor Sociology and Anthropology of Religion
Martínez-Ariño, J., Dr
Assistant Professor of Sociology of Religion
Mathijssen, dr. B.M.H.P.
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Culture and Religion
Mucciarelli, E., Dr
Assistant Professor for Hinduism in the Sanskrit Tradition - Gonda Lecturer
Muthert, prof. dr. J.K.
Professor Psychology of Religion with special attention for Spiritual Care and Wellbeing
Stuckrad, C.K.M. von, Prof Dr
Professor of Religious Studies
Visser-Nieraeth, dr. A.
Assistant Professor Spiritual Care
Wiering, dr. J.O.
postdoctoral researcher
Wiersma, drs. G.
Internship and supervision Spiritual Care
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