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Comparative Study of Religion

Address:Oude Boteringestraat 38
9712 GK Groningen
The Netherlands


Bartelink, dr. B.E.
Senior researcher / Assistant Professor
Berger, P., Dr
Associate Professor of Indian Religions and the Anthropology of Religion
Buitelaar, prof. dr. M.W.
Professor of Contemporary Islam
Gins, S., MA
PhD Researcher / Dutch Studies Coordinator
Knibbe, dr. K.E.
Associate Professor Sociology and Anthropology of Religion
Martínez-Ariño, J., Dr
Assistant Professor of Sociology of Religion
Mathijssen, dr. B.M.H.P.
Assistant Professor; Interim Vice Dean and Director of Education
Mucciarelli, E., Dr
Assistant Professor for Hinduism in the Sanskrit Tradition - Gonda Lecturer
Muthert, prof. dr. J.K.
Professor Psychology of Religion with special attention for Spiritual Care and Wellbeing
Stuckrad, C.K.M. von, Prof Dr
Professor of Religious Studies
Vegt, A. van der
Lecturer Spiritual Care
Visser-Nieraeth, dr. A.
Assistant Professor Spiritual Care
Wiering, dr. J.O.
postdoctoral researcher
Wiersma, drs. G.
Internship and supervision Spiritual Care
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