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Student counsellors

Address:Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands


Bergmans, drs. M.L.J.
Academic Advisor Archaeology
Bogers, J., MA
Study Advisor Arts, Culture and Media, Art History & Media Studies
Borg, drs. R.P. van der
Studyadvisor History & Greek and Latin Languages and cultures
Feringa, drs. E.M.
Co-ordinator/Study Advisor
Haas, drs. H.R. de
Study adviser BA/MA IRIO, BA/MA History & MA Media Studies
Harmsen, drs. D.E.
Study advisor American Studies| European Languages and Cultures
Huttinga, drs. R.
Study advisor Faculty of Arts / Web editor University Museum
Kastelein, E.M., MA
Study advisor BA Media Studies / MA Media Studies (Journalistiek/Journalism)
Ooij, S. van
Study Advisor BA's Linguistics, Middle Eastern Studies, Dutch Language and Culture, Communication and Information Studies, Information Science, Minorities and Multilingualism; MA's Neurolinguistics, European Linguistics, Middle Eastern Studies
Ophem, drs. K.J. van
Study Researchmaster students at the Faculty of Arts
Seton, drs. B.J.
Study advisor Applied Linguistics & Lecturer
Westra-Hofstee, drs. A.C.
Study Advisor Communication and Information Studies, Information Science, Dutch language and literature, Minorities & Multilingualism / Frisian language and culture
Zomer, G., MA
Study Adviser IRIO
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