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Orthopedagogy & Clinical Educational Science

Address:Grote Rozenstraat 38
9712 TJ Groningen
The Netherlands


Beckmann, E.J., MSc
Junior research assistant
Boer, dr. A.A. de
Associate Professor
Brug, dr. A. ten
Cantell, M.H., Dr
Assistant Professor
Douma, J.G., MSc
Senior researcher
Frans, N., PhD
Assistant Professor
Houwen, dr. S.
Assistant Professor
Kamphorst, dr. E.
Assistant professor
Korenberg, L., MSc
Kupers, dr. W.E.
Associate professor
Luijkx, dr. J.
Assistent professor
Lunenborg, dr. C.B.
Onderwijscoordinator Orthopedagogiek, projectcoordinator Expertisecentrum GMCP
Minnaert, prof. dr. A.E.M.G.
Professor Inclusion and Special Needs Education & Clinical Educational Sciences / Research project leader Learning and educational problems
Mombarg, dr. R.
Poolman, dr. B.G.
Universitair Docent
Rademaker, F.C., MSc
Researcher / Lecturer Pedagogical and Educational Sciences
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