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Private Law and Notary Law

Address:Oude Boteringestraat 18
9712 GH Groningen
The Netherlands


Berg, mr. E.S. van den
Lecturer in Private Law
Beuker, mr. dr. M.R.
Assistant professor
Bos, dr. mr. T.J.
Engelen, mr. S.S.Y.
Lecturer private law
Haar, mr. dr. J.H.M. ter
University- lecturer notarial law
Hoops, prof. mr. dr. B.
Chair of Private Law and Sustainability
Ibili, prof. mr. F.
Professor of Family Law
Jonkers, mr. dr. T.
affiliated lecturer/researcher (Maastricht University)
Kolder, prof. mr. dr. A.
Professor Personal Injury Law
Kopalit, mr. D.F.
Doctoral Candidate/Lecturer
Linden, mr. T. van der
Assistant professor private law
Lochem, mr. dr. J.P. van
Endowed professor tenancy law
Mierlo, prof. mr. A.I.M. van
Professor of Civil Law, especially Civil Procedural Law (0,5)
Oldenhuis, prof. mr. dr. F.T.
Professor by religion & law and Faculty of Religion, Culture and Society
Ouyang, J., LLM MA
PhD Candidate / Lecturer
Pavillon, prof. mr. dr. C.M.D.S.
Professor of private law, in particular of consumer law
Rheinfeld, prof. mr. dr. J.W.A.
Professor of rural law by special appointment
Schmitz, B.
Lecturer of Private Law and PhD researcher
Tigelaar, mr. L.B.A.
Assistant professor private law
Verheul, mr. E.F.
Associate professor
Verstappen, prof. mr. dr. L.C.A.
Professor of Private Law, in particular Notarial law
Visser, mr. dr. I.
Assistant professor
Vonck, mr. F.J.
Assistant professor notarial law
Wissink, prof. mr. dr. M.H.
Professor by Private Law, in particular Law of Obligations
Zimmermann, K.
Assistant Professor (Property Law)
Zuijlen, mr. T. van
Lecturer / PhD Candidate IT Law
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