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How to find us

Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

Address:Nijenborgh 4
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands


Biemold, H.H.
Administrative Assistant
Bügel, A.H.
Secretary to Prof.dr. B.L. Feringa & the Feringa Research Group
Hekelaar, ing. J.
Coördinator Analytical Unit at Stratingh Institute for Chemistry
Imholz, dr. ir. N.C.E.
ARC CBBC Research Coordinator
Nauw, P.
Research technician
Schaeffer, dr. G.P.R.
Scientific Coordinator - Stratingh Institute for Chemistry
Sneep, J.L.
Research technician
Stuart, dr. M.C.A.
facility manager Electron Microscopy

PhD students

Liu, Y.
PhD student
Wu, J.
PhD student
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