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Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

Address:Nijenborgh 4
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands


Biemold, H.H.
Administrative Assistant
Bügel, A.H.
Secretary to Prof.dr. B.L. Feringa & the Feringa Research Group
Hekelaar, ing. J.
Coördinator Analytical Unit at Stratingh Institute for Chemistry
Hekkema-Nieborg, R.A.
Secretary to research groups (Bio)Molecular Materials & Devices and Photophysics & OptoElectronics. Covering FOM Focus group Next-Generation Organic Photovoltaics
Imholz, dr. ir. N.C.E.
ARC CBBC Research Coordinator
Kalter, J.H.
P.A. to Prof.dr. B.L. Feringa
Nauw, P.
Research technician
Schaeffer, dr. G.P.R.
Scientific Coordinator - Stratingh Institute for Chemistry
Sneep, J.L.
Research technician
Stuart, dr. M.C.A.
facility manager Electron Microscopy
Witter-Waalkens, A.A.M.
secretary Unit Synthetic Organic Chemistry

PhD students

Liu, Y.
PhD student
Wu, J.
PhD student
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