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Target Field Lab at Let's Gro 2019

06 November 2019

DOTliveplanetarium has been one of the locations of Let's Gro 2019.

On Thursday, October 30th the Target Field Lab facility was the stage of the Apollo show, a 360-degree trip to the moon.

More than 100 visitors have travelled back in time through the history of the different Apollo expeditions to the moon.

Through pictures, videos, interviews and full dome videos, DOTliveplanetarium was able to offer an immersive experience and make spectators feel part of this 'one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'.

Apollo Show

On Friday 31st, we had a full day program where the three field labs of Mining Big Data-Target Field Lab, 5G and DHealth, presented the results of the past year with a look to future initiatives and projects.

DHEALTH LAB: This name focuses on information exchange between innovative software applications and Electronic Patient Records (EPD). It focuses on how to realize digital care in the future.

5Groningen, an initiative of Economic Board Groningen, makes North Groningen the testing ground for the newest generation of mobile internet, 5G. Entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations work with experts to test 5G applications.

MINING BIG DATA The Target testing ground Mining Big Data facilitates entrepreneurs with the development, testing and support of innovative services that process (Big) Data in combination with AI and Data Science.

After our specialists, Herman Pleij gave a sociological view with a look to the past on how big data influence the individuals and their environment.

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