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Further reading

Inclusivity in the live music industry is a broad theme that has a myriad of perspectives. This list provides some organizations and movements, a few reports about inclusivity and a list of academic magazines, if you are interested in this topic.

Organizations and movements

AFEM: The Association for Electronic Music. AFEM is an association created to connect, and represent the common interests of, those companies and individuals whose business is Electronic Music.

Musicians Union: Trade union for musicians in the UK. They have working groups, working on different themes, like Women in the music industry, LGBTQ+ musicians and musicians with a disability.

Music Moves Europe: EU-initiative for a stronger European music scene.

Keychange: Movement advocating a better gender representation in the Live Music Industry.

European Festival Association: Association for European (art and cultural) festivals)

Rise Up: Initiative from Buma/Stemra (Dutch), a collecting society for composers and music publishers, to strengthen the position of women in the music scène.


Women music creators in the Netherlands, Research report Rise Up (Buma/Stemra) 2023.

Musicians Union - Equality Action Plan (UK) 2021:

Keychange manifesto, Presented to the European Parliament Bruxelles 2018:

Be the Change, Women making Music, Research report MIDiA Research, 2021.

Academic papers and publications:

“Music festivals and Social Inclusion - The Festivals Organizers’ Perspective: A publication in the academic paper Leisure Sciences discussing how festivals can create more inclusive and coherent ‘communities’.

“Youtube as a virtual springboard: circumventing gender dynamics in offline and online metal music careers.” This article discusses the way in which male and female musicians navigate throughout metal scenes, and how this connects to gender dynamics in offline metal scènes.

Popular Music and Society: Academic paper about popular music and gender related research questions.

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