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Energy Education

Master's and PhD programmes

Energy and Environmental Sciences

North Sea oil

What are the solutions to environmental issues like climate change, sustainable development and the greenhouse effect? What alternative sources of energy are available? The Master’s degree programme in Energy and Environmental Sciences focuses on finding answers to questions like these. We try to find solutions to the energy and environmental challenges of our lifetime.

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Energy and Climate Law (Groningen Centre of Energy Law)

How did liberalization affect the energy sector? Should energy companies be concerned about climate change? Does EU law influence national laws when it comes to energy? Our specialized Energy and Climate Law Master’s programme is for anyone who would like to specialize in the main principles of energy market liberalization and climate law. One of the aspects covered is the influence of European law on national law.

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Environmental and Infrastructural Planning

Ever wondered about how urban regions can become more sustainable and liveable or how to design innovative solutions for pressing environmental, water and road infrastructure problems? The Master’s programme in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning integrates three elements: (1) the analysis of urban and regional planning strategies and governance approaches for highly dynamic and complex situations, (2) international comparative teaching and research , and (3) a focus on environmental, water and infrastructure related challenges.

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Environmental Psychology

How does a changing environment affect us? What motivates people to act pro-environmentally and accept pro-environmental policies? Which factors induce environmentally harmful behaviour?

Recycled PET bottles
PET bottle recycling

The Master’s programme in Environmental Psychology focuses on the interactions between humans and their environment. There is an urgent demand for expertise in environmental psychology. Governments and companies seek advice from environmental psychologists to understand the human dimension of sustainable development.

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Chemistry, specialization in Catalysis & Green Chemistry

Catalysis and Green Chemistry is a specialization for students on the Master’s programme in Chemistry who are interested in energy and sustainability. It focuses on the development of green processes for synthetic chemistry. The programme consists of compulsory and optional course units and two research projects that can focus on sustainability and energy, e.g. research on the flexibility of solar cells made of organic molecules.

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Chemical Engineering, specialization in Biobased Products or in Catalysis & Green Chemistry


Are you interested in energy and sustainability? The Master’s programme in Chemical Engineering offers two specializations: Biobased Products, and Catalysis and Green Chemistry.

Biobased Products focuses on biobased chemicals and biogas and the development and application of these chemicals. Catalysis and Green Chemistry focuses on the development of green processes for synthetic chemistry.

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Energy Focus Area for MSc Economics & Business students

The energy sector is changing dramatically. Conventional power firms are reporting financial losses, while consumers are seeing electricity prices fall while energy taxes rise to finance subsidies for renewables. Energy Focus Area provides you with knowledge that will help you successfully navigate the economic, business and financial challenges facing the energy sector.

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Energy Summer School

The University of Groningen annually organizes the Energy Summer School, an interdisciplinary workshop that is open to PhD students focusing on energy research from all possible perspectives and domains.

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PhD programmes

If you are looking for a PhD programme in energy and sustainability, you have various options at the University of Groningen. You can apply for open positions or submit a proposal to a body that offers grants such as the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). For more information on doing a PhD at the University of Groningen, see the Graduate Schools website.

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