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UG Meet & Greet Young Researchers: Digital Society, Friday October 30, 2020

We are happy to invite you to join us and our partners in business, government, and academia at the online Meet & Greet Young Researchers: Digital Society, on Friday October 30, from 10:00 till 13:00 hrs.

The aims of this event are to:

  • Connect and meet with young researchers, entrepreneurs and representatives of governmental organisations, companies and non profit organisations;
  • Discuss the latest insights on the theme of Digital Society and explore potential new research collaborations;
  • Address the common challenges provided by digitalisation in new and innovative ways;
  • Realise societal impact by connecting with external partners;
  • Share examples of where research can be applied beyond academia;
  • Network for career connections or future collaborations inside and outside academia.

Do you want to join us on October 30? Please sign up using the button below.


Below you can find the general outline of the program. The program will be updated in the coming weeks.

When? Friday 30 October, from 10:00 till 13:00 hrs

Where? Online

For whom? Young researchers (PhDs and Postdocs), entrepreneurs and representatives of governmental organisations, companies and non profit organisations, with specific interests in the subject of Digital Society

Main language: English


Online walk in and registration

Start poster presentations (running through entire event)

During the event you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest insights from research on the topic of digital society. Throughout the event you can visit the digital posters from our researchers.



By prof. dr. Petra Rudolf (Dean of Graduate Studies) and prof. dr. Iris Vis (Dean of Industry Relations)


Semi Keynotes

• Societal impact: translating research into practice - from knowledge to application

During this panel discussion we will take a closer look at what it means to have societal impact with research and how you can transform your research into application. The panel members will discuss questions such as: How can we translate the value of research for society? What are the possibilities to start your own business or to develop a product together with industry?

• Dutch Digitalisation Strategy by Soschanne Schurink, a senior representative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate

In this session a representative from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate will discuss the Dutch Government's digitalisation strategy.


Semi Keynotes

• Research Agenda on Artificial Intelligence by prof. Inald Lagendijk (TU Delft, member of the strategy team of the Dutch AI Coalition) Inald Lagendijk will outline the challenges the Netherlands faces in research and use of AI as put forward by the Dutch AI Coalition, and discuss the AiNed investment plan for the coming decade. He will highlight some of the research challenges from the AI research agenda, AIREA-NL, and illustrate this with examples. Finally, he will briefly outline the AI-research funding programs that are forthcoming and how they contribute to the Dutch AI ambitions.

• Digitalisation in Europe by prof. dr. Willem Jonker (CEO EIT Digital)

Prof. dr. Willem Jonker will focus on digital entrepreneurship in Europe and how EIT Digital supports this. His focus will be on building deep tech digital ventures from research results using a three step approach: standup, startup, scaleup. Concrete examples in the domain of logistics, payments, and COVID-19 contact tracing will be used as an illustration.


Building Block Part 1

During various round tables the latest insights from the perspectives of both academic research and industry will be discussed. You will learn about the different perspectives of a specific topic from an academic researcher and someone from industry. Every round there will be four round table discussions on different topics. Each session starts with an academic researcher who will shortly pitch their research, followed by a pitch from someone from industry. There will be plenty of room for discussion.

Following topics:

• Smart Mobility

In this session we will discuss smart mobility. Nynke Vellinga will provide us with a short pitch of her research on the legal aspects of self-driving vehicles. After this pitch Stefan Marges will talk about the Hardt company. Hardt will build a testing facility for the hyperloop in Groningen.

• Digital Health

In the session on digital health Ludo Cornelissen will pitch his research about deep learning techniques on medical imaging. Moreover, he will tell about his recent switch from academia to industry. After his pitch two representatives of Lode Holding will pitch the current challenges which their company faces concerning (p)rehabilitation at home: from a controlled hospital environment to home-based care. What technology and security do we need? Are people able to use the newest technology?

• 5G/Mobile Solutions

In this session we will discuss 5G. We will start with a pitch from Iris Staalman about her research on the reuse of public data and the legal challenges concerning the implementation of IoT (Internet of Things). Peter Rake will provide us with a pitch on 5G and the possibilities 5G give us and how 5G will make the implementation of IoT possible.

• Smart Industry

Smart Industry is the ongoing proces of the automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices. During his pitch Rodolfo Reyes-Báez will answer the question whether a smart industry is a cyber physical system Hans Praat will provide us with a short pitch about the Smart Industry Hub Noord Nederland. In this hub SMEs work together with partners such as the university to help the regional businesses set the next step towards a smart industry.


Speed dating

During the speeddating sessions you will be matched with other participants of the Meet&Greet in order to exchange ideas on knowledge and explore possible research collaborations.


Building Blocks Part 2

Following topics:

• Artificial Intelligence

Ben Wolf will pitch about his research on sensor systems in water and how he used AI to help him solve practical challenges. ZiuZ uses visual intelligence technologies to help solve societal problems around the globe. CTO Chandler Hatton will explain the ways in which ZiuZ works with the university in the fields of computer vision and artificial intelligence, including research collaborations, student projects and recruiting.

• Digital Business

How digital ready are our companies in the region? What are the consequences of digital transformations for these companies? Nicolai Fabian tries to answer these questions in his PhD research.

• Digital Literacy

In this session you will find out more about the Digital Literacy Coalition. Through joint research projects, we collect knowledge and insights about how citizens develop digital knowledge and skills, the use and impact of new technologies on their daily lives, and the role of digital literacy in promoting social participation.


Speed dating – young researchers and partners


Speed dating – young researchers and partners

12.00-12.15 Break

Presentation Q&A

Funding opportunities and tips & tricks for collaboration

During this session we will present various funding opportunities for collaborating with the university. You will learn about the funding opportunities which are available for supporting research/industry collaborations. After this presentation we will discuss with dr. Janet Veldstra and Geert-Jan Arends their experiences on setting up collaborations. What are the challenges? What do you have to take into account when working with external partners?


Q&A with PhD Alumni

In each session three PhD alumni will share their experiences about their transition from academia to a career outside of university. During the session you will learn how PhD graduates made the transition from academia to a company or organization and what skills were beneficial for making this transition. Moreover, you will get to know about what companies are looking for in new employees with a PhD degree.

Presentation Q&A

Become an entrepreneur

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? And you have no idea where to start? Than this session is perfect for you. During the presentation you will learn about all the possible support programs that are available at the university. Some concrete example cases will be discussed and there will be enough time to ask questions. Learn about how you can identify if your research outcomes can be translated into a start-up company. Learn about how you can start your own company and what support is available.

12.50-13.00 Closing Remarks

Digital Platform

The Meet & Greet Young Researchers will be hosted via the platform Let's Get Digital. Information about this platform and the log-in details will be provided to you via email.


This Meet & Greet is organised in collaboration with the program committee consisting of PhD candidates and post-docs of various faculties, Groningen Graduate Schools (as part of the Career Perspectives Series) and the team of Industry Relations.

Program Committee

Anita Wagner - post doctoral researcher

Mayra Bittencourt Villalpando - PhD candidate in Neurology

Inge Tuitert - post doctoral researcher in movement disorders

Taichi Ochi - PhD candidate in depression pharmacogenetics

Nicolai Fabian - PhD Candidate Digital Business

Iris Vis - Dean of Industry Relations

Wietske Degen - Coordinator of Industry Relations

Alicia Brandt - Policy Advisor Groningen Graduate Studies

Call for Posters

We invite researchers and other participants to present their research and innovation projects in the area of Digital Society by means of a poster. If you are interested in participating with a poster presentation, please indicate this with your registration. A submission process will be used for poster presentations in which your poster will be reviewed for feedback. Specific guidelines will be shared after registration.

Important Deadlines:

October 19, 8am: deadline to submit a poster via

During the week of October 19th feedback will be provided.

October 28: submission of the final poster

For PhD candidates: you will receive 1 ECTS credits for attending and participating in the event through a poster presentation.


Please contact us if you any questions

E: industryrelations

T: +31 (0)50 363 4508

More information on the Team of Industry Relations can be found here.

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