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Grid Cluster


The Grid cluster is completely dedicated to Grid computing. The Grid cluster was financed by the Dutch Grid initiative Big Grid, which has been sponsored by NWO.

Compute nodes of Grid cluster
Compute nodes of Grid cluster

The cluster is operationally part of the national Grid infrastructure Big Grid, which is itself part of the European grid infrastructure operated by EGI. Access to the grid infrastructure is open not only to international research collaborations, but also to national collaborations or local research groups. Access to the national Grid infrastructure is controlled by Big Grid. Please contact us for information on the access procedure.

Compute nodes
Compute nodes

Compute Nodes

The cluster consists of 58 compute nodes, each with the following specifications:

  • Two octa-core 2.6 Ghz AMD Opteron processors (16 cores in total)
  • 64 GigaBytes of internal memory, which is 4 GB per core
  • 4 TeraByte of disk space, consisting of 2 SATA disks of 2 TB
Service nodes
Service nodes

Service nodes

The cluster has 9 service nodes in total. Four of these nodes are used as a gateway to the Target storage environment. The other 5 nodes are set up for virtualisation and run the services necessary for system administration, and the services for operation of the cluster as a Grid cluster. The latter include a user interface, a job submission service, Grid information system, etc.

Network switch of the cluster
Network switch of the cluster


The nodes in the cluster are connected with 10 Gbps en 1 Gbps Ethernet connections. The fast 10 Gbps connections are used to enable fast access to the Target data storage facilities. Als parallel jobs are benefiting from these fast 10 Gbps connections.

The network connections are managed by a large full speed HP switch.


The Grid Cluster will be connected to the GPFS storage environment of Target. For this four of the service nodes will be used, which will create a 80 Gbps connection to the GPFS storage.

Contact us

If you are interested in making use of this infrastructure, or have problems using it, please contact us at the Servicedesk  (tel: 050-363 3232).

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