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Beginners course Peregrine Linux cluster

Instructor:F. Dijkstra
B.E. Dröge
C.A. Marocico
Duration:half day
Pricing:EUR 0.00
Audience:PC users who want to explore the possibilities of the Linux cluster
Peregrine falcon

Often the power of the desktop pc (UWP) is not enough to perform simulations or analysis of huge datasets. The university has a computer cluster with more than 5000 cores that could help you in tackling this problem.

Contents of the course are: what can the cluster do for you, how to get access to the cluster, data exchange, working with the Linux environment, and how to start a job on the cluster.

The course has been split in two parts. The first part addresses logging in to the system and the use of the Linux environment. The second part will discuss the setup of the cluster, the available software and starting real calculations. For people with knowledge about the Linux command line environment it is possible to only attend the second part.

For more information you can take a look at the course slides and exercises.

When and enrollment

More information on the course can be found on the training overview page at the cluster user documentation.

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