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Reality Cube

Understanding chemical structures using the Reality Cube
Understanding chemical structures using the Reality Cube

The Reality Cube is one of the most advanced Virtual Reality (VR) systems currently available. Inside the Cube (often referred to as CAVE™), up to 5 people can be immersed in a 3D virtual world and interact with it. The Reality Cube gives the users a very strong feeling of presence: you are not just looking at a 3D world but are surrounded by it.

Such a 'virtual world' can be any kind of 3D scene, for example an architectural model, an interactive molecular simulation, medical visualization, abstract data plots or even a psychological experiment. For more application examples, please visit the page on Virtual Reality and Visualization.

Landscape Visualisation in the Reality Cube
Landscape Visualization in the Reality Cube


The Reality Cube is a half-open cube whose edges are 2.5 m long. Stereo (3D) images are projected from outside on to the 4 sides: front, left, right and floor. The floor image is projected from above via a mirror. The Reality Cube lets viewers experience the feeling of being completely immersed within a virtual environment.

Inside the Cube, all viewers wear shutter glasses, which allow them to see depth in the projected images.

One of the users - the 'main user' - is  head tracked , which means that the images on screen are drawn from the perspective of the main user, using some camera's that measure the user's position. This is why the Cube gives such a strong feeling of being there: when the user moves, the virtual object appears to be stationary, even floating within the space of the Cube. By moving your head, you can literally look underneath a virtual table, around a virtual corner or stick your head inside a virtual molecule.

The Reality Cube is driven by our high-end Visualization Cluster.

Stair visibility experiment in the Reality Cube
Stair visibility experiment in the Reality Cube


Inside the Cube, users can fly through and interact with the 3D world using a wireless controller, but we hope to be using hand gestures soon.

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