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Call for proposals VR and 3D

Virtual Reality and 3D technology in research and education

‘The real world has its limits. The imaginary world is infinite.’ - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The Center for Information Technology (CIT) invites teachers and researchers of the University of Groningen and University Medical Centre to push the boundaries of the real world and submit project proposals for the application of virtual or augmented reality (xR) and 3D data in research and/or education. With this “call for proposals” the CIT offers a total of 900 hours of development capacity and support, including a material budget (max. €7500 per project).

Support for innovative research and education

The visualisation experts of the CIT are specialised in data visualisation and the creation of interactive xR environments or custom applications for interaction with xR/3D data. For example, their work can allow you to acquire research data or train specific skills in a virtual environment. Apart from the offer of expertise, the visualisation crew offers the facilities and equipment needed for the optimal xR/3D experience, like a 3D theatre and a VR-lab with different (head-mounted) displays, 3D printing and recording. The CIT aims at supporting innovative research and education with these technologies and facilities and is asking for project proposals which spear head xR/3D.


For the selection of the most eligible projects the following criteria apply:

  • The application relates to a new or existing research or teaching project led by a UG/UMCG staff member
  • The project aims at (continuing) the development or re-using xR/3D data in support of a research or teaching method, in answer to a research question or virtual modelling/reconstruction (for example for cultural heritage or psychological simulations)
  • The project applies augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D visualisations or data to achieve a result that can not be achieved without the use of these techniques
  • The application defines a concrete deliverable (i.e. a visualisation, model or application) with a clear objective, target audience and a specification of the desired functionality
  • The application clearly describes the support needed from the CIT and hardware requirements (i.a.)
  • The aims of the project are feasible with a maximum of 300 hours support from a visualisation expert/developer
  • The provided contact person is available in the course of the project for substantive questions and to perform (parts of) the needed work.
Proposals that meet these specific criteria are prioritized:
  • The application is planned to lead to a (larger) follow-up project or grant proposal
  • The application is aimed at the re-use, customization or application of existing data
  • The content created in the project is (potentially) reusable across different academic disciplines
  • The content created in the project is used for research and educational purposes

Procedure and timeline

Project proposals can ask for a maximum of 300 hours of the available 900 hours of development and support by one or more of the CIT’s visualisation specialists. The aim is to grant three or four proposals.

Work on granted projects can start no earlier than February of 2021 and (depending on the scope of the project) can be spread out over several months. Granted projects are supported with access to the facilities of the VR lab. From the related VR hub (inter-faculty collaboration) a budget for the acquisition of additional hardware can be provided with a maximum of €7500 per project (the materials will be lent to the project as property of the VR hub)..

Every individual proposal will be evaluated by a jury of specialists from within the UG. The result of this review will be sent to the applicant within two weeks of the submission deadline.

If your application is granted, an intake will be planned to draw up a precise work plan.

The deadline for applications is: Monday the 1st of February 2021 at 9 AM.

Questions or advice

For questions about the procedure or advice about your application you can contact:
If so desired an online meeting can be planned to discuss your ideas and the technical specifics, as to be able to submit a concrete proposal.

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