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Society/business Center for Information Technology ESI

International Learning outcomes (ILO’s)

When:Tu 01-11-2016 09:00 - 13:00

During this workshop the approach of internationalising learning outcomes in connection with institutional graduate attributes, developed through the IC project, will be discussed.

The participants are required to read some background materials at home in order to become familiar with the concepts of graduate attributes and learning outcomes.
Further, the participants will reflect on their own (international) course objectives (and the assessment) at course or programme level. Some questions that will be tackled are: (how) is
internationalisation relevant for your course or programme? To what extent are the objectives explicitly global or intercultural? How to adjust current learning outcomes into international learning outcomes? What are the tips and tricks for writing ILO’s? What is the impact of adjusting learning outcomes on teaching and learning? How can global or intercultural competences be assessed?

Learning objectives
- To interpret the International Framework of the RUG;
- To formulate (international) learning outcomes;
- To integrate intercultural competence in the teaching process.

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