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Society/business Center for Information Technology IT & Education Educational Staff Development Summer School for Teachers

Introduction to the UG Educational Systems

Within the University of Groningen there are several tools and programmes that can support your teaching. In this workshop we will introduce them to you. You will learn more about the Learning Management System (LMS) Nestor, the UG e-learning tools, the digital exams tooling, the different video tools at the university, the student information system and the scheduling tool. The main focus of this workshop lies on Nestor. This LMS is the core of education at the UG. You will learn more about the basic functionality of the system, how to build a course, the possibilities to collaborate within the LMS, the use of videos in courses, how to communicate with students in Nestor and you will obtain basic knowledge about assignments and grading.


Thursday August 26th from 14.00-17.00

Location City center
Target group University teachers new to the UG educational systems
Study load 3 hours
Price 0 EUR
Main language English

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of this module you are able to:

  • find the most important tools for education (Nestor, Progress and Ocasys) and use them in their basic form;
  • identify all the educational support that is available for teachers and will know who to turn to during the upcoming academic year.


This workshop is part of the Summer School for Teachers.
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