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Making maps prettier: a styling course

A styling workshop to make your maps look even more attractive.

Duration: 4 hours

This is an internal UG workshop.

The course is only given on request. For more information please contact Geodienst (050 - 36 39211).

Making maps beautiful: a styling course

Do you want to make your maps look prettier? With modern technologies it has become easier than ever to create maps, but not everyone of us is a cartographer or a graphic designer. However, the way your data is displayed significantly influences the way your audience looks at your map.

  • What colours to use?
  • How to visual effects to your map?
  • Should you use fancy things like 3D in your map?
  • What are the alternatives to a standard choropleth map?

Considerations like these can help transform your map into a professional looking map. This course teaches you to consider various ways of visualizing your data and provides you with some tricks to make your maps more attractive.

In this course QGIS will be used to make the visualizations.


Basic knowledge of QGIS (e.g. people who have completed our course: Making maps with QGIS.

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