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#ONING event: Fostering peer learning and interdisciplinary education through technology

When:Tu 14-05-2024 15:00 - 17:00
Where:Energy Academy Europe, room 5159.0009

Which document aligns best with the assessment criteria? Which one do I prefer? We all make comparisons every now and then. When it comes to assessing student work, studies and practical experiences have shown that this can be a beneficial approach.

In our upcoming #ONING event on May 14th, Hanze lecturer Katrien Colman will tell us about her experience with using the Comproved tool in the Master Healthy Aging Professional. Katrien Colman will analyze how she utilized Comproved to stimulate interdisciplinary education by involving students, teachers, and other professionals in the assessment process. She will also offer insights into how peer learning was nurtured as students learned from each other through studying and comparing their work with that of their peers. After the presentation, we will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities and engage in critical discussions about the methods and tools that could support interdisciplinary education and peer learning in course design.

Are you curious to learn more about implementing peer learning and interdisciplinary education using comparative assessment methods?