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Society/business Center for Information Technology

The Information Universe Conference (online mini-conference 2020)

When:Th 01-10-2020 14:00 - 18:00

The 3rd Information Universe conference moved to 2021.

Sadly the current COVID-19 pandemic forces to postpone an in-person IU conference to 2021 but this year, on 1 October 2020, The Information Universe will organize a short, but intensive, ~3-hour mini-conference at around 2-6 p.m. CET, hosting a selection of their original keynote speakers:

  • Charley Lineweaver, Australian National University's Planetary Science Institute in Canberra, Australia
  • Wendy Freedman, University of Chicago, the United States
  • Erik Verlinde,University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Bas Beukers, Target Field Lab - Horus VR Experience BV
  • Carter Emmart, American Museum of Natural History in New York, will give an OpenSpace planetarium show
  • Edwin Valentijn, 'Powers of Two'

During this event they will also present:
The very first popular science book on the Information Universe: "Powers of Two — The Information Universe" (Springer-Nature 2020) with contributions of many Information Universe conference speakers — highlighted by a foreword from Robbert Dijkgraaf.