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Stimulation policy for student entrepreneurs

Exerpt from: University of Groningen Student Charter 2015-2016

The Board of the University aims to encourage students to start up and run their own business alongside their studies. This is being done in various differentways:

  • By focusing on entrepreneurship within degree programmes
  • By enabling top-level entrepreneurs to apply for study facilities
  • By offering courses and guidance from the UGCE
  • By providing office space and, where necessary and possible, laboratory space.

U niversity of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship (UGCE)

The University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship (UGCE), headed by the Dean of

Entrepreneurship, plays a crucial role in the University’s policy of stimulating entrepreneurship.

  • The UGCE organizes an annual extracurricular evening course in entrepreneurship for interested students. This course is concluded with a VentureLab weekend, where students can further develop their business case under intensive supervision.
  • Students who have their own business or are at an advanced stage in their business idea can participate in VentureLab Student (part of VentureLab North), a networking, training and coaching programme for student entrepreneurs held in the UGCE building. In addition, novice entrepreneurs can use office space in the Cube050 building. Please contact the UGCE or Cube050 to apply for this scheme.

For more information about UGCE activities see the website of UGCE.

Study facilities

Students running their own business can apply for a statement of ‘top-level student entrepreneurship’ from the UGCE. The UGCE will assess whether the student in question is displaying ‘top-level entrepreneur behaviour’. Information about this assessment can be found on the UGCE website.

The following additional requirements apply to eligibility for the status of ‘top-level student entrepreneur’:

  1. the student must have gained his/her propaedeutic certificate
  2. the student must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

The UGCE will issue a statement with a brief description of the student’s business and a recommendation to the degree programme concerning the specific study facilities that may benefit the student. This may include, for example:

  • exemptions/relaxation of compulsory attendance
  • additional exam resits
  • alternative ways of sitting exams
  • relaxation of deadlines
  • integration of entrepreneurial activities in the study programme.

Students can use this statement to submit an application for adaptations to their study programme to the Board of Examiners of their degree programme. The Board of Examiners will assess whether an individual provision is possible within the framework of the learning outcomes of both individual course units and the final assessment. In addition, students must always discuss alterations to their study plan with their study advisor.

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