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Odyssey Momentum research project

The UGCE joined forces with the department of HRM & OB of the faculty of Economics & Business to do research on entrepreneurial teams, and specifically why and how teamwork is related to the success of innovative and entrepreneurial projects.

The research context is “Odyssey Momentum”, the world’s biggest online Blockchain & AI Hackathon, where a large number of entrepreneurial teams try to solve complex societal challenges, using Blockchain technology.

Research team

The Odyssey Momentum research team consists of the following members:

Data collection and privacy policy

All research data will be safely stored at servers of the UG, and only authorized researchers will have access to it. Furthermore, all personal data shared with the UG will be anonymized, so it will not be possible to trace back this data to individual Odyssey Momentum participants.

More information regarding the data collection and privacy policy of the Odyssey Momentum research project in 2020 can be found here.  


If you have questions about the Odyssey Momentum research project, or want to contact the research team, please send an email to f.d.streefland

Odyssey Momentum research project
Odyssey Momentum research project
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