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Meet the jury of the Awards

03 June 2022

Meet the jury of the Rabo Entrepreneurship Award X Anner Award 2022

On 14 June the student entrepreneurs will pitch their company on stage at the Forum Groningen.

The Jury will consist of jury chairman Andre de Vries (Director Rabobank SMEs), Harjan van der Linde (Startup & Scale-up Banker North & East Netherlands), Rafaël Redczus van Berkel (Yellowbird & N8W8), Saskia IJszenga (INSIDE business & brands) and Ed Huibers (Signify). Read more about them below.

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Saskia IJszenga

As a registered marketer, business administrator and experienced manager, Saskia has experience with impact in change processes and increasing the effectiveness of a team.

Among other things, I’m going to pay attention to the team, how will you give shape to the business? How did you engage the customer and collect insights? What considerations have you made? How did you explore the potential of your idea?

Rafaël Redczus van Berkel

Inspiring people with progressive ideas can wake Rafaël up at night (to meet). He believes they are the engine of progress. It is Rafaël’s mission to let the fire of innovators spread to others.

Anner van der Mheen (the student entrepreneur celebrated by the Anner Award) is still a source of inspiration for me when it comes to young entrepreneurship. He excelled in connecting people with each other; he had an eye for sustainability. In short, I will pay attention to the extent to which the others have the so-called A(nner-)factor.

Harjan van der Linde

Harjan has year of experience in the banking sector and focusses on start-ups and scale-ups.

Can you explain in 1 minute maximum which problem you innovation is supposed to solve? In addition, it is important to consider how the innovation is converted into a business model that you can quickly scale up. How are you going to handle this?

Andre de Vries

Andre has been active within Rabobank in various positions for many years. He started as a finance specialist until his current position as director of SME’s for the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe became available.

What I will pay attention to is whether the entrepreneur is driven with passion and gut and whether there is coherence between the innovation, the plan and the financial underpinning and saleability. Finally, I think it is important that the entrepreneur is aware of (potential) risks and how to anticipate them. 

Ed Huibers

Ed is an accomplished sales and marketing professional with a proven history of work in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry.

I will pay attention to the following points: In which subjects and aspects are you unique? And for which things would it be better to find a partner? How scalable is your company? How long can you stay ahead of the competition? How easy is it to copy this? How do you protect the business idea?
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