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5 finalists for the Awards selected

27 May 2022
The 5 finalists
The 5 finalists

The 5 finalists of the Rabo Entrepreneur Award X Anner Award 2022 have been selected! 10 student entrepreneurs have pitched their story in front of the three-member jury during the semi-finals. From these participants, 5 finalists have been selected.

They will compete in the Grand Final for the Rabo Ondernemersprijs X Anner Award 2x worth €10,000! The final takes place on Tuesday 14 June from 14:30 to 17:00 at the Forum Groningen.

Let us introduce the finalists to you:

  1. Roeloef Stoelwinder - #Cuppa
  2. Naila Loudini - #Aletta Solutions
  3. Bob Bode - #Croptimise
  4. Justin Jager - #extrude_nl
  5. Daan Kuipers - #debierkieper

See you at Forum Groningen on 14 June!

Read more about the finalists below

Roeloef Stoelwinder - Cuppa

We are getting rid of the disposable packaging world by introducing a smart deposit system for reusable packaging. Our solution is applicable from meal packaging of your local neighborhood restaurant to the pre-packaged meals from Jumbo, Albert Heijn and the coffee cups along the highway.

Naila Loudini - Aletta Solutions

Aletta Solutions is an early stage start-up in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare. We are developing a digital solution to reduce patient dropouts in clinical trials. We help researchers to obtain data from their patients in an interactive and remote way during their study. To accomplish this, we will develop a conversational chatbot powered by AI.

Bob Bode - Croptimise

We are developing the 'Smart Potato'. This device will take measurements underground at potato and tulip bulb growing fields. The sensors in our product will measure the temperature, humidity and vibrations. Thereafter, the data will be sent to the potato and tulip bulb growers, this way they have insights into the quality of their ground.

Justin Jager - Extrude

Extrude brings projects to life with a realistic and compelling 3D image. In addition to visualizing in the form of images and videos, we go a little further by means of 3D BIM models to 3D digital twin models. With these 3D digital twins we are taking a step towards making buildings and processes more sustainable.

Daan Kuipers - De Bier Kieper

The company produces and sells Bierkiepers for €15.95. A Bierkieper is a concrete plywood plate that you place on a beer crate, so that you can empty the crate with (half) full beer bottles in no time.
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