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VentureClass December

When:Th 16-12-2021 19:00 - 21:00

The portable analytics of SG Papertronics - Brewing the perfect beer

For our next VentureClass, meet our new speakers and also UG alumni: Maciej Grajewski and Richard Rushby of SG Papertronics! They will share their adventures and learnings with us on what they wished they would have known sooner and how they ended up in the craft brewer's industry.

About SG Papertronics

Nowadays, the craft beer industry is growing fast, with lots of microbreweries emerging. Continuous quality control of the beer normally requires a laboratory and trained personnel, which is often too costly for smaller breweries. That is where SG Papertronics steps in, with an easy-to-use reading device that interprets values (color, bitterness) in an understandable way, ensuring a beer of the highest quality.

Their own research and specializations in Microfluidics among other things are used to develop an onsite testing device providing lab grade quality control without the need for static machines or specialized lab technicians. Besides the craft brewery industry, the product also has great commercial potential in other markets, hence the early-phase investment of the NOM and RUG Ventures.


  • 19.00 hrs - Roundtable
  • 19:30 hrs - Introduction by Aard Groen
  • 19:45 hrs - VentureClass
  • 21.00 hrs - End of VentureClass
  • 21.00 hrs - Networking in breakout room


Aard Groen - Dean University of Groningen Center of Entrepreneurship & professor of entrepreneurship & valorization



Maciej Grajewski (CEO/CTO)


Maciej accomplished his PhD at University of Groningen in 2018. His background is in Biotechnology and Microfluidics and his interests revolve around universal real-time monitoring systems for diagnostic and environmental purposes with specific focus on paper-based devices.

Connect with Maciej


Richard Rushby (COO/CMO)

Richard has a background in Project, Programme and portfolio Governance and a Masters in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, local businesses, sustainability in craft businesses and non-traditional funding.

Connect with Richard