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Society/business UGCE

International (BR, AR, UR, ES, SE, NL) Virtual Class on E'ship

From:We 04-03-2020
Until:We 06-05-2020
Where:Online (simultaneous in 6 partner countries)

During this time we will have 8 classes. 4 weeks till the exam break (2 weeks), and then another 4 weeks until May 6. The LISTO IVC aims at developing and strengthening students’ innovation and entrepreneurial skills within the framework of an international, multicultural and multidisciplinary virtual teaching and learning environment, with a focus on global entrepreneurial ventures and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Each week we will have lectures from about such topics on entrepreneurship as Recognizing global opportunities, Design thinking methods to validate the ideas, Networks and ecosystems to link to the environment, and Business models to realize how these new opportunities can be realized in a sustainable way. Then you will be working in your international team to practice the knowledge learned in class.

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