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ESU Conference and Doctoral program 2021

From:Su 29-08-2021
Until:Sa 04-09-2021

We are honored to host the ESU (European University Network on Entrepreneurship) 2021 Conference and Doctoral Program from 29 August to 4 September 2021.

The aim of ESU is to strengthen European research traditions and networks in entrepreneurship by focusing on both scholarly sessions as well as on the culture and heritage the hosting country and region has to offer. ESU also provides a friendly setting for junior scholars to interact and build ties within the research community, and to learn important skills for their future careers. Supervisors, researchers and PhD students from international institutions, active in entrepreneurship research and education, come together to share experiences and create new international networks, in a friendly environment.

The deadline to submit to ESU 2021 Conference and Doctoral program is approaching!

ESU 2021 partners
ESU 2021 partners