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Research Zernike (ZIAM) News Seminars


Past seminars organized by or with the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, since 1 September 2003, in reverse chronological order.

Zernike seminar - Dr. Olivier Faist "Lock-in detection: Principles and applications"23 November 2023
Zernike seminar, Prof. Jeroen van den Brink - How surfaces can Berry-curve Bloch-electrons16 October 2023
Seminar: prof. Arjan Houtepen - Guilty as charged: Electrochemical control over the charge carrier density in colloidal semiconductor nanomaterials20 September 2023
Seminar: Prof. Manuel Bibes - Ferroelectric control of Rashba states: towards non-volatile spintronics driven by ferroelectricity19 September 2023
Seminar prof. Felix Casanova - Spintronics with low-symmetry materials08 September 2023
Seminar Dr. Matthias Althammer - Observation of the nonreciprocal magnon Hanle effect08 September 2023
Seminar Prof. Thomas Jagau - Describing unbound electrons by complex valued energies03 July 2023
Prof. A. Barducci - Molecular modeling of cellular condensates at multiple resolutions03 July 2023
Prof. Aldo H. Romero - Systematic symmetry-based search from DFT to AI, methods to expand two-dimensional structural databases03 July 2023
Seminar Dr. Leo Boron - Topological polar phases in ferroelectric nanowires03 July 2023
Seminar Prof. P. Purohit: Mechanics and rupture of blood clots09 June 2023
Seminar Prof. Ernesto Rivera García: Synthesis, Optical and Photophysical properties of Pyrene-labeled dendritic molecules exhibiting energy transfer (FRET)09 June 2023
Seminar Prof. Paola Ayala: Unraveling the properties of hybrids of SWCNTs encapsulating elongated structures09 June 2023
Zernike seminar: Prof. Shoubhik Das - Can we make a bridge between homogeneous and heterogeneous photocatalyst to earn higher selectivity and recyclability?09 May 2023
Dr. M. Michiardi "Control and dynamics of Spin-Orbit Coupling and Topology imaged by ARPES"24 April 2023
Zernike seminar: Pawel J. Kowalczyk "2D materials and their hybrids"14 April 2023
Zernike seminar: Mazhar Ali "The field-free Josephson Diode and One-Directional Superconductivity" - CANCELLED14 April 2023
Zernike seminar: Vincent M. le Corre "Machine learning and device modeling as an automated diagnostic tool for high-throughput research14 April 2023
PhD defence Frank Feringa - "Spin and magnon transport in antiferromagnetic van der Waals materials and yttrium iron garnet"27 March 2023
Félix Fernandez-Alonso - Exploring (and taming) hybrid perovskites for photovoltaics – a journey through space & time16 March 2023
Alexios Douvalis - "Hybrid Magnetic Nanostructures Based on Nanodiamonds: Synthesis, Characterization and Properties"16 March 2023
PhD defense T. Giousis - Germanane based nanomaterials: Synthesis, characterization and potential applications15 February 2023
Dr. Riccardo Alessandri - Machine Learning-Enhanced Multiscale Modeling of Soft Electronic Materials10 February 2023
Prof. Jevgenij A. Raskatov - From Alzheimer’s Amyloid β to Pauling-Corey Rippled β-Sheets10 February 2023
Seminar Dr. Marie D'angelo - Experimental Evidence of 2D Nodal-Line Semimetals17 January 2023
Dr. Paschalis Gkoupidenis 'Organic neuromorphic electronics'20 December 2022
Webinar Dr. Erika Covi 'Emerging devices for brain-inspired computing: A bridge between materials and circuits and systems'09 December 2022
Seminar Prof. Carlos Baiz - Interfacial dynamics in crowded lipid membranes probed using 2D IR spectroscopy01 December 2022
PhD defence - M. Koopmans "Charge transport modelling of perovskite solar cells and organic thermoelectrics"16 November 2022
PhD defence - X. Yang "Aminoglycoside antibiotics: modification and novel applications in biomedicine"16 November 2022
PhD defence - J. Sun "Green processing of polyelectrolyte complex fibers"16 November 2022
PhD defence - S. Rathnachalam "Excited-state processes in biomolecules"16 November 2022
Seminar: Prof. Koen Vandewal "Inter-molecular charge-transfer states for organic opto-electronics"20 October 2022
Seminar: Prof.Melinda J. Duer "Developing a new paradigm in cancer treatment: from fundamental studies of cancer matrix to new therapeutics'20 October 2022
Seminar: Prof. Ivan Coluzza "Proteins as inspiration for smart materials"20 October 2022
PhD defence: B. Raul 'Exciton Dynamics and Charge Carrier Generation in Organic Semiconductors'06 October 2022
Seminar: Prof. Sandra M. Lang "Gas Phase Model Systems for Catalysis"06 October 2022
Seminar: Prof. I. Coluzza "Proteins as inspiration for smart materials"06 October 2022
PhD defense G. ten Brink - Connecting the DOTS12 September 2022
PhD defense X. Wang: Photon induced charge and structural dynamics in gas-phase DNA12 September 2022
PhD defence T. Zhang - Development of chemical tools for imaging RNA and studying RNA and protein interactions29 August 2022
Seminar Prof. Mathias Kläui: Skyrmions in Spin-Orbitronics and Orbitronics – novel science and applications in memory & non-conventional computing29 August 2022
Seminar Prof. Mathias Kläui - Antiferromagnetic Insulatronics: Spintronics without magnetic fields29 August 2022
Dr. Jianfeng Ge - Quantum Quipus04 July 2022
Dr. Roberto Lo Conte - Topological nodal-point superconductivity in a magnet/superconductor hybrid system04 July 2022
Dr. Jennifer Fowlie - Coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity in infinite-layer nickelates04 July 2022
Dr. Machteld Kamminga - Quantum materials: gaining knowledge from perturbing the structure04 July 2022
Seminar Steve Meech 'Ultrafast Dynamics in Porphyrin Nanorings'28 June 2022
PhD defense Nong Hoang (Optical Condensed Matter Physics group)16 June 2022
PhD defense M. Liang - Optical properties of hybrid systems based on WS2 and metastructures16 June 2022
Seminar Paolo Barone "2D transition-metal halides: a playground for exotic magnetism"18 May 2022
Seminar prof. R. Duine "Enhanced magnon spin current using the bosonic Klein paradox"18 May 2022
Seminar Maria Azhar "Screw dislocations in chiral magnets"18 May 2022
PhD defence - M. Azhar "Non-collinear magnetism: microscopic origin, all-electrical probe, unconventional states and topological excitations"18 May 2022
PhD defence: A. Roy - Transport signatures and the origin of non-collinear spin textures30 March 2022
Pdh defence: H. Duim - Metal Halide Perovskites: from microstructure to optical properties30 March 2022
Zernike seminar: Artem Bakulin - IR spectroscopy of perovskites – carrier cooling, electron-phonon coupling, and charge trapping dynamics29 March 2022
PhD defence: H. Zhang - Telluride thin films: growth, strain, structure and thermoelectric properties29 March 2022
PhD defence: S. Chen - Charge and spin transport across graphene and multifunctional oxide interfaces29 March 2022
PhD defence: M. Zou - Controlling the activity of antibiotics by ultrasound17 January 2022
PhD defence: R.K. Kathir - Nonorthogonal configuration interaction to study electron and excitation transfer17 January 2022
Seminar/webinar Jorge Quereda 'Photoconductivity in 2D semiconductors: Spectral behavior and physical regimes'29 November 2021
Seminar/webinar F. Zwanenburg 'Silicon and Germanium Quantum electronics'29 November 2021
PhD defense T. Kunsel "Impact of Inhomogeneities on Optical and Transport Properties of Molecular Aggregates"29 November 2021
PhD defense - C. Maia Gilardoni "Optically addressable spins in silicon carbide and related 2D materials"29 November 2021
Seminar: George Froudakis "Designing Novel Nanoporous Materials for Applications in Energy and Environment. From Multi-Scale Modeling to Materials Informatics"22 November 2021
PhD defense F. Yan - Two dimensional materials for environmental remediation and energy storage22 November 2021
PhD defense E. Thomou - Design and Study of Pillared Graphenes and Nanoporous Carbon Materials for Energy, Environmental and Catalytic Applications22 November 2021
PhD defense A. Burema - Angle-dependent magnetoresistance in epitaxially strain-engineered thin films22 November 2021
PhD defense: L. Septiany "Multifunctionality of Layered Materials"04 October 2021
PhD defense: B. Groeneveld "Metal Halide Perovskites"04 October 2021
PhD defense: A. Lleonart "Growth of binary oxides on Si substrates"04 October 2021
PhD defense: Yassaroh Yassaroh "Physicochemical Properties and In Vitro Digestibility of Starch Modified via Heat-Moisture Treatment and Inclusion Complexation"04 October 2021
PhD defense X. Zhu 'Semiconductor Nanoparticles Synthesized by Magnetron-Sputtering Inert Gas Condensation for optoelectronic and phase-change applications'09 September 2021
PhD defense Q. Guo 'Understanding and control of the metallic state in epitaxial NdNiO3'09 September 2021
PhD defense L.E. Aguilar Suarez 'Theoretical modelling of the singlet fission process'09 September 2021
PhD defense - Z. Babamahdi 'Casimir force from complex systems'09 September 2021
PhD defense: T. Ghiasi - Proximity-induced spin-orbit and exchange coupling in graphene-based heterostructures18 August 2021
PhD defense: S. Soni - Molecular Ensemble Junctions18 August 2021
Sadia Bari: Soft X-ray spectroscopy of isolated biomolecules17 June 2021
Anton Hofman: An efficient route towards well-defined strong anionic/hydrophobic polymeric materials17 June 2021
Hossein Cheraghi Bidsorkhi: Development and characterization of graphene-polymer nanocomposites for diverse applications17 June 2021
Dina Maniar: Biobased polymers and nanocomposites – green synthesis, properties, and applications17 June 2021
Yasamin Kazemi: Morphological Control of Conductive Networks in Electrically-Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites17 June 2021
Vincent Voet: Sustainable Photopolymers in Additive Manufacturing: Biobased and Recyclable Alternatives17 June 2021
PhD - D. Bederak "PbS colloidal quantum dots for near-infrared optoelectronics"11 June 2021
Tatiana G. Rappoport: Orbital Hall effect in 2D Materials11 June 2021
PhD defence: Benjamin Daiber - Transfer of Triplet Excitons in Singlet Fission-Silicon Solar Cells06 April 2021
PhD defence Vincent Le Corre - Lessons learned from device modeling of organic & perovskite solar cells05 March 2021
PhD defence: Kiana Gholamjani Moghaddam (A computational study on the nature of DNA G-quadruplex structure)05 March 2021
PhD Colloquium - Herman Duim01 March 2021
PhD Colloquium - Carmem M. Gilardoni01 March 2021
Zernike Seminar - Olga Koshkina - Tailor-Made Nanocarriers: from the Bench to Clinic05 February 2021
Micaela Matta: Structure-properties of eumelanin, a mixed conducting material for next-generation organic (bio-) electronics04 November 2020
Ioana Mariuca Ilie: Amyloid fibril growth: a multiscale view04 November 2020
Andrea Giuntoli: A world of information from the picosecond dynamics04 November 2020
Shaghayegh Khani: Dissipative Particle Dynamics simulations of Janus rods at polymer interfaces04 November 2020
Charley Schaefer: Phase Separation of (Bio-) Macromolecules under Dynamic Conditions04 November 2020
Vivek Tiwari: Photosynthetic Excitons Coupled Through Resonant Vibrational-Electronic Coupling – To what extent do the reduced basis set descriptions work?07 July 2020
Fabian Panzer - Understanding the optical properties of halide perovskites and using them to understand their film formation01 July 2020
Zernike webinar, prof. Artem Bakulin: Electron-phonon effects in hybrid perovskite electronic materials18 June 2020
PhD defence: M. Golkaram "Dynamics and self-assembly in architecturally complex supramolecular polymers"10 June 2020
Prof. Yana Vaynzof "Insights from Device Modeling of Perovskite Solar Cells"10 June 2020
Kostiantyn Kravchyk: Something “positive” about graphite: its use as a cathode in di-verse graphite dual-ion batteries08 June 2020
Freddie Rabouw: Emission dynamics of single nanoparticles29 May 2020
PhD defence - A.A. Jazi: Single-Molecule FRET Study on Structural Dynamics of Membrane Proteins26 May 2020
Zernike Webinar - Ioannis Lignos: Flow chemistry: Accelerating the design and continuous manufacturing of functional nanomaterials25 May 2020
Zernike webinar- Laura Piveteau: Characterizing Inorganic Materials with Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy14 May 2020
PhD defence: M. de Boer - Single-molecule studies of > the conformational dynamics of ABC proteins'14 May 2020
Zernike Webinar: Grigorios Itskos - Photophysics and Optoelectronic Applications of Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals11 May 2020
PhD defence: H. Li - Amphiphilic DNA and its Application in Biomedicine23 April 2020
PhD defence: J. Huang - Applications of Functional Dye in Biomedical and Life Sciences23 April 2020
PhD defence: B. Kriete - Exciton Dynamics in Self-Assembled Molecular Nanotubes23 April 2020
Sabina Spiga: Resistance switching memories for spiking neural networks25 February 2020
Laura Piveteau - Characterizing inorganic materials with solid-state NMR spectroscopy18 February 2020
Marios Hadjimichael: Nanoscale domains in metal-ferroelectric-metal heterostructures06 February 2020
PhD - A. Syari'ati: Controlling the optoelectronic and anti-icing properties of two-dimensional materials by functionalization05 February 2020
PhD - J. Sun: Fabrication and mechanical properties of supercharged polypeptides based biomaterials: from adhesives to fibers05 February 2020
PhD - O. Zheliuk: Magnetotransport of Ising superconductors05 February 2020
Mikhail Titov: Anisotropy induced by spin-orbit interactions: new insights to chiral magnetism and magnetization dynamics23 January 2020
Stefania Grecea - Designed synthesis of metal-organic composites and their application in molecular separations14 January 2020
Speech Prof. Marleen Kamperman "De kunst van het afkijken"14 January 2020
PhD defense: Mustafa Abdu-Aguye - The photophysics of solution processable semiconductors for applications in optoelectronic devices06 January 2020
PhD defense: Yingfen Wei - Rhombohedral Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 thin films : Ferroelectricity and Devices06 January 2020
PhD defense: Gerjan Lof - Optical preparation and detection of spin coherence in molecules and crystal defects06 January 2020
Mini-symposium "Photophysics of Molecules and Nanostructures". Speakers: Jürgen Köhler (Photophysics of Natural and Biomimetic Molecular Aggregates) and Michel Orrit (Single Molecules and Single Gold Nanoparticles in the Spotlight)09 December 2019
Vale Cofer-Shabica: What is special about how roaming chemical reactions traverse their potential surfaces?29 November 2019
Johannes Ehrmaier: Pysurf: Database accelerated surface hopping08 November 2019
Mariëlle Meijer: Controlling the magnetic chirality in multilayer systems31 October 2019
Herbert Jaeger - Wanted: A Non-Turing Theory for the Long-Term Survival of Neuromorphic Computing31 October 2019
PhD defence: J. Smit - Novel fluorescent probes and analysis methods for single-molecule and single-cell microscopy23 October 2019
PhD defence: F. Husada - Single Molecule FRET Reveals Transport Mechanism of ABC Transporter23 October 2019
PhD defence: Nutifafa Y. Doumon - The Degradation of Organic Solar Cells17 October 2019
Felix Plasser: Understanding electronic excitation energies within and beyond the molecular orbital picture17 October 2019
Jianshu Cao: Exciton Dynamics and Spectra of organic Semiconductors03 October 2019
Wolfgang Heiss: Metal halide perovskites for X-ray detection18 September 2019
Wei Han - Spin Current: a Unique Probe of Quantum Materials11 September 2019
Diana Dulic: Designing of a 'perfect' porphyrin molecule for the Mechanically Controllable Break Junction Experiments10 September 2019
Holger Schmalz: Raman imaging as versatile tool for the characterization of multicomponent polymer particles/fibers and mesostructured stystems04 September 2019
Yushu Matsushita: New Self-Assembly Manners of Block Polymers with Contrived Molecular Design04 September 2019
Ubirajara Pereira Rodrigues-Filho: Multifunctional Hydroxyurethanes as a Contribution for Mitigation of CO229 August 2019
Dr Hairen Tan: Highly efficient perovskite based tandem solar cells23 August 2019
Jürgen Gauss: Toward the Exact Solution of the Electron Correlation Problem16 July 2019
Nadine Hauptmann: Sensing noncollinear magnetism at the atomic scale: Towards novel 2D material systems16 July 2019
PhD defense - A. Mannanov: Highly ordered organic semiconductuor structures11 July 2019
Maria S. Kotova: Triplet Exciton Loss Pathways in Non-Fullerine Organic Solar Cells?08 July 2019
Koen Vandewal: Inter-molecular charge-transfer states for organic opto-electronics02 July 2019
Petra Reinke: Materials Science at Surfaces: From Oxidation of Alloys to Silicene Synthesis02 July 2019
Alberto Riminucci: Charge and spin transport in molecular spin valves and their application in neuromorphic computing10 May 2019
Tomas Jungwirth: Crystal symmetries and transport phenomena in antiferromagnets10 May 2019
Arend G. Dijkstra: Shining light on large molecular complexes10 May 2019
Christian Nijhuis: "Electrochemistry" inside Molecular Tunnel Junctions09 April 2019
Francisco Martin-Martinez: Multiscale design of bio-inspired materials22 March 2019
Milan Kivala: Triarylamines: New Tricks for Old Dogs28 February 2019
Symposium "Jeff 40+"28 February 2019
Sergey Artyukhin: Phase transition dynamics and sliding domain walls in ferroelectrics20 February 2019
Daniel Vanmaekelbergh: Artificial 2-D lattices as quantum simulators. What is the relevance for real materials?13 February 2019
PhD - Chia-Lin Chang: Optomagnonic Crystals: Optical manipulation of Spin Waves25 January 2019
R. Konane Bay: Quantifying the Mechanical Properties of Ultrathin Glassy Polymer Films24 January 2019
PhD defence - M. Arshad: Carbon-based hybrid materials: growth, characterization and investigation of properties03 December 2018
Bodil Holst: Bending Rigidity of 2D Silica and Anti-icing Properties of Graphene09 November 2018
Johannes Ehrmaier: The holy grail of solar fuel generation: A theoretically conceived pathway based on carbon nitride molecules09 November 2018
Christina Sanz-Sanz: Molecular branching ratio using excitation and control pulses parallel to molecular axis09 November 2018
Fèlix Casanova: Manipulating spin currents with graphene-based heterostructures09 November 2018
Jaroslav Fabian: Electron spin in the 2D realm: proximity effects09 November 2018
PhD defence: E. Salamatova - Ultrafast Dynamics of Intra- and Intermolecular Interactions in Liquids and Films25 October 2018
Valerian E. Kagan: Elimination Of The Unnecessary - Redox Lipidomics Deciphers Lipid Signals of Programmed Cell Death25 October 2018
Klaas Wynne: Phase separation and nucleation: from frustration to control25 October 2018
N. Jamshidi: Theoretical Challenges for Structure Identification of Metal Cluster06 September 2018
P. Gill: New Ways to Think about Electronic Excited States06 September 2018
M. Weiler: Nanoscale spin waves in magnetic bilayers and chiral magnets06 September 2018
M. Guimaraes: Spin and Magnetism Dynamics in Layered Materials06 September 2018
A. Avsar: Spin transport in novel two-dimensional materials and van der Waals heterostructures06 September 2018
A. Kozikov: Interlayer exciton optoelectronics in van der Waals heterostructures06 September 2018
A. McCollam: Magnetic field tuned quantum criticality in correlated electron systems31 August 2018
M. Morales-Masis: Transparant electrodes for high-efficiency photovoltaics31 August 2018
O. Tretiakov: Antiferromagnetic Skyrmionics31 August 2018
PhD defence: J. Blijleven - Membrane fusion of influenza and chikungunya viruses14 August 2018
PhD defence: E. Monachino - Dynamics of the bacterial replisome14 August 2018
PhD defence: F. Tajik - Casimir torques and Lateral forces: influence of optical properties and surface morphology14 August 2018
PhD defence: L. Liu - Light switchable surface topographies14 August 2018
Hans-Dieter Meyer: Introduction to Multiconfiguration Time-Dependent Hartree (MCTDH): Applications to naphthalene, anthracene, and the protonated water dimer27 June 2018
PhD defense: T. Sherkar: Device physics of hybrid perovskite27 June 2018
PhD defense: J.M. Salazar Rios - The power of polymer wrapping14 June 2018
PhD defense: M. Kamminga - Properties of Organic-Inorganic Hybrids14 June 2018
A. Brataas: Electrical Control of Quantum Coherent Phenomena in Insulating Antiferromagnets29 May 2018
E. Cantatore: Biopotential Interfaces Based on Large-area Fexible Electronics15 May 2018
Alessandro Borgia: A new paradigm for biomolecular interactions: ultrahigh-affinity complex of two intrinsically disordered proteins involved in chromatin remodeling07 May 2018
Henri Franquelim: Remodeling of lipid membranes: Membrane bending by DNA origami scaffolds07 May 2018
Rifka VLijm: Resolving a complicated web of filaments: STED nanoscopy unexpectedly reveals a highly periodic ring-anchored protein network at centrioles07 May 2018
Hylkje Geertsema: Super-resolution microscopy in mammalian cells by DNA-PAINT07 May 2018
Larysa Tryputen: Spin Dynamics in Nanoscale Devices and Materials04 April 2018
Mathias Weiler: Interfacial spin torques and helical magnets for nanomagnonics28 March 2018
Roland Kawakami: Recent advances in graphene spintronics21 March 2018
M. Reyes Calvo: Edge states interplay in a Quantum Spin Hall lateral heterojunction16 March 2018
Dirk Bouwmeester: Solid state cavity quantum electrodynamics15 February 2018
Saskia Fischer: Topological Surface States and Two-Dimensional Layered Transport in bulk Bi2Se313 February 2018
PhD defense - A. Chaubal: Electromagnetically induced transparency with localized impurity electron spins in a semiconductor09 February 2018
Jaana Vapaavuori: Taming Macromolecules by Light - Supramolecular Photoresponsive Materials at Three Different Length Scales09 February 2018
Edmondo Benetti: God Made the Bulk: the Surface was invented by the Devil - Topological Evolution of Polymer Interfaces09 February 2018