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Past seminars organized by or with the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, since 1 September 2003, in reverse chronological order.

Mathias Weiler: Interfacial spin torques and helical magnets for nanomagnonics28 March 2018
Roland Kawakami: Recent advances in graphene spintronics21 March 2018
M. Reyes Calvo: Edge states interplay in a Quantum Spin Hall lateral heterojunction16 March 2018
Dirk Bouwmeester: Solid state cavity quantum electrodynamics15 February 2018
Saskia Fischer: Topological Surface States and Two-Dimensional Layered Transport in bulk Bi2Se313 February 2018
PhD defense - A. Chaubal: Electromagnetically induced transparency with localized impurity electron spins in a semiconductor09 February 2018
Jaana Vapaavuori: Taming Macromolecules by Light - Supramolecular Photoresponsive Materials at Three Different Length Scales09 February 2018
Edmondo Benetti: God Made the Bulk: the Surface was invented by the Devil - Topological Evolution of Polymer Interfaces09 February 2018
Nathan van Zee: Exploiting monomeric water in apolar environments to control the structure of supramolecular polymers09 February 2018
Marleen Kamperman: Bioinspired Functional Polymers09 February 2018
Renko de Vries: Protein Polymers: simple designed proteins as models for complex biological assembly02 February 2018
Luisa De Cola: Hybrid Materials for Medical Applications02 February 2018
François Rochet: Synchrotron Radiation Ambient Pressure XPS studies of smectite clays: hydration and heterogeneous radiolysis of inserted pyridine30 January 2018
Symposium: Materials for optoelectronics17 January 2018
Joseph Betouras: Fermi surface topological transitions and their role in Sr3Ru2O717 January 2018
James McIver: Femtosecond science on a chip: Capturing ultrafast anomalous Hall currents in optically-driven graphene11 January 2018
PhD defense - LT.H. de Jeer: Microscopy study of advanced engineering materials09 January 2018
Steven De Feyter: Functionalization of 2D Materials: a Molecular Approach19 December 2017
Ludo Juurlink, PhD: Employing curved single crystal surfaces in surface science and gas-surface reaction dynamics studies19 December 2017
PhD defense - S. Boonstra: Computational Studies of Influenza Hemagglutinin08 December 2017
Byong-Guk Park: Novel spintronic phenomena based on spin-orbit torque07 December 2017
PhD defense- J. Momand: Structure and reconfigurations of epitaxial GeTe/Sb2Te3 superlattices13 November 2017
PhD defense - L. Liang: Field Effect Controlled Magnetism and Magnetotransport in Low Dimensions13 November 2017
PhD defense - B. Chen: Ge-Sb-Te based phase-change nanoparticles13 November 2017
Zernike Chair Colloquium 2017 - Jeroen van den Brink: Anyone seen an anyon?06 November 2017
Sergio O. Valenzuela: Spin and Hot-Carrier Transport in Graphene-Based Devices06 November 2017
Yijin Zhang: Electronic and optical properties of transition-metal dichalcogenides24 October 2017
Toeno van der Sar: Probing spin waves using single electron spins24 October 2017
Hendrik de Waard lezing - David Awschalom: "Beyond electronics: abandoning perfection for quantum technologies"18 October 2017
PhD defense - Ana Cunha: Modeling Two-dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy of Hydrogen Bonded Systems17 October 2017
Christoph J. Brabec: Challenges and Opportunities in High Throughput Engineering of Energy Materials25 September 2017
Christoph Brabec - Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology22 September 2017
CCS&M seminar - Regina Dittmann: Oxide based memristive devices: current status of understanding and future prospects20 September 2017
Giulia F. Mancini: Revolutionary new nano-imaging: harnessing the power of short wavelength EUV light18 September 2017
Dmitry Yu. Paraschuk: Toward ultrathin crazy shining semiconducting organics07 September 2017
Laurens Siebbeles: Exciting multiple electrons by one photon in semiconductor nanomaterials for photovoltaics07 September 2017
M. Bibes: Learing through ferroelectric domain dynamics in solid state synapses07 September 2017
PhD defense - A. Kouloumpis: Development and study of low-dimensional hybrid and nanocomposite materials based on layered nanostructures07 September 2017
Amir A. Masoudi: Lateral Casimir Force and Casimir Torque in self-affine rough surfaces04 September 2017
PhD defense - Peiliang Zhao: Applications of the random-state approach to quantum many-body dynamics22 August 2017
PhD defense - Oleg Kozlov: Plastic Solar Cells: Where the Current Begins21 August 2017
Ephraim Eliav: Heavy elements' calculations at the edge of accuracy: from high-precision spectroscopy to tests of fundamental physics10 July 2017
CCS&M seminar - Yoeri van de Burgt: An organic artificial synapse for low-energy neuromorphic computing26 June 2017
Vasileios Koutsos: Soft matter under confinement: droplets, bubbles and thin films26 June 2017
PhD defense - J. Janusonis: Magnetoelastic waves in thin ferromagnetic films21 June 2017
Minseok Kwak and Jun-O Jin: Nanobiomaterials for Immunology and Imaging15 June 2017
Biplab Sanyal - School lectures: DFT: basics, applications, successes and failures09 June 2017
Biplab Sanyal: Ultrafast demagnetization dynamics of amorphous FeGd alloys from first principles theory09 June 2017
PhD defense - M.I. Nugraha: Charge Transport and Trap States in Lead Sulfide Quantum Dot Field-Effect Transistors06 June 2017
PhD defense - A. Kumar: Structural, magnetic and thermoelectric properties of TAGS-85 thermoelectric material06 June 2017
PhD defense - J. Wu: Creating new multifunctional organic-inorganic hybrid materials06 June 2017
PhD defense - L. Zhang: Bio-organic hybrids of DNA, peptides and surfactants: from liquid crystals to molecular sleds06 June 2017
Roel Tempelaar: Resolving the dark product states in singlet fission through modeling of nonlinear spectroscopy02 June 2017
Cecilia Noguez: Chirality and Optical Activity at the Nanoscale02 June 2017
A.D. Caviglia: Spin-orbit coupling and superconductivity at oxide interfaces01 June 2017
Saroj Prasad Dasharcos H.D.: Creation and Control of Spin Current in 2D materials heterostructures01 June 2017
PhD defense - Arnoud Everhardt: Novel phases in ferroelectric BaTiO3 thin films12 May 2017
A. Sundaresan: Coexistence of a- and c-axis polarizations and independent rare-earth-ordering-induced polarization in Gd0.5Dy 0.5MnO311 May 2017
Karin Fink: Quantum Chemistry for Single Molecule Magnets11 April 2017
Zheng Liu: Landscape of Two-dimensional Transitional Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs): Synthesis, Characterization and Applications11 April 2017
Matthias Althammer: Pure Spin Currents in Compensated Rare Earth Iron Garnets11 April 2017
Ana Akrap: Exploring topological matter by optical spectroscopy05 April 2017
Sang-Wook Cheong: Topological Vortex Domains in Quantum Materialss28 March 2017
Mohammad R.K. Mofrad: Cellular Mechanosensing: Signal Transduction Pathways from Extracellular Microenvironment to the Nucleus23 March 2017
PhD defense: Mark Speirs - Device physics of colloidal dot solar cells15 March 2017
Hermann Dürr: Controlling spins in space and time13 March 2017
Bruno Ameduri: Deeper Insight into the RAFT Polymerization of Vinylidene Fluoride08 March 2017
Paul Muralt: Pushing the performance of electro-mechanical thin films24 February 2017
Fulvio Parmigiani: Spin and time resolved photoelectron spectroscopy in the momentum space of archetypal topological insulators21 February 2017
Ramachandra Rao: Electrical and magneto transport studies in doped systems21 February 2017
Wenjing Tian: Highly Solid-State Emissive Organic Fluorescent Materials17 February 2017
Richard Hildner:13 February 2017
Maxim Pshenichnikov: Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Organic Photovoltaics Materials13 February 2017
Zhigao Sheng: Introduction of Chinese High Magnetic Field Laboratory and Visualization of Multiply-ordered Electronic Crystals13 February 2017
PhD defense: Sarah Stratmann - Assembly dynamics of supramolecular protein-DNA complexes studied by single-molecule fluorescence microscopy06 February 2017
Apostolos Vagias: Complex diffusion dynamics of various tracers in polymer networks by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy06 February 2017
PhD defense: J. Goudsmits - Single-molecule studies of membrane transporters03 February 2017
PhD defense: A. Aqeel - Magnon Spintronics in non-collinear insulator/metal heterostructures23 December 2016
George Froudakis: Designing novel Nanoporous Materials for applications in Energy, Environment and Health14 December 2016
Camilla Coletti: CVD synthesis of high-mobility seeded graphene and toilered van der Waals heterostacks for optoelectronic and spintronic applications14 December 2016
PhD defense: L. Boschman (Chemistry and Photophysics of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Interstellar Medium)12 December 2016
PhD defense: O. Nenadl (Microstructural evolution in additive manufacturing with high power lasers)12 December 2016
Jorge Q. Bernabeu: Tuning the optical and electronic properties of atomically thin semiconductors17 November 2016
N. Zijlstra: Rapid microfluidic dilution device for probing low-affinity biomolecular complexes with single-molecule spectroscopy15 November 2016
Hari Srikanth: Functional magnetic nanostructures for electromagnetic and biomedical applications03 November 2016
Jeroen J.L.M. Cornelissen: Assembly of Proteins into Cages and Tubes03 November 2016
Carsten Werner: Glycosaminoglycan-based, cell-instructive hydrogels for regenerative therapies26 October 2016
Sima Aminorroaya Yamini : Lead-chalcogenide thermoelectric materials25 October 2016
Reinder Coehoorn: Charge transport and excitonic processes in disordered organic semiconductors - which molecular-scale details are relevant?12 October 2016
Kirill Yu. Monakhov : Polyoxovanadates as single-molecule components of memristor devices - CANCELLED11 October 2016
Ferdinand Grozema: Charge and excited state dynamics in hybrid halide perovskites04 October 2016
Fulvio Parmigiani: Non-equilibrium electronic structure of graphene and graphite: a non-linear and time-resolved ARPES study04 October 2016
Naureen Akhtar: Robust under-water supereleophobic surfaces04 October 2016
Jürgen Groll: Materials and Fabrication Methods for Biofabrication21 September 2016
Dorothee Braun: Monoclinic domains in KxNa1-xNbO3 on rare earth scandate substrates16 September 2016
Sylvia Matzen: Integration of piezoelectric thin films in electronic devices16 September 2016
Pepijn W.H. Pinkse: HgTe as a topological insulator15 September 2016
Liviu Ungur: Ab initio methods in molecular magnetism: current status, challenges and future prospects15 September 2016
M.S. Ramachandra Rao : Electronic, spectroscopic and mechanical properties of thin films, nanostructures and advanced materials15 September 2016
Joachim Hewer: X-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy of single molecule magnets, 3d-4f mixed bimetallic complexes and spin frustrated complexes in isolation15 September 2016
N. Tien Son: Silicon Carbide for Spintronics15 September 2016
Isao Inoue: Electrostatic control of insulating SrTiO3 surface: insulator-metal transition, negative capacitance, multi- band conduction, Kondo effect, and more25 August 2016
Marcel Swart: Quantum-chemistry approaches for molecules and materials08 July 2016
Shirin Faraji: Excited-state processes and quantum effects in complex environments08 July 2016
Sandra Luber: Computational characterization and design of functional molecular systems08 July 2016
Stratingh seminar - Martin Prechtl: Towards a solution for the reversible C1-reforming puzzle at near ambient conditions with a bio-inspired organometallic approach21 June 2016
Mael Guennou: Polarity in (inorganic) bismuth-based perovskites16 June 2016
Stratingh seminar - R.P. Sijbesma: Mechanofunctional polymers: Luminescent probes & catalytic triggers14 June 2016
Stratingh seminar - Dirk Vanderzande: Organic Photovoltaics:Understanding and Controlling the nano-morphology of the active layer14 June 2016
Stratingh seminar - Fred Wudl: Serendipity in the Quest for Organic Materials08 June 2016
Axel Müller: One-dimensional hybrid nanoparticles based on cylindrical polymer brushes08 June 2016
Oren Sherman: Functional materials: Exploiting dynamic self-assembly at interfaces07 June 2016
Kasper Norgaard: Chemically Derived Graphene as Soft Electrodes for Solid-State Molecular Electronic Devices26 May 2016
Steffen Wiedmann: HgTe as a topological insulator25 May 2016
Guglielmo Lanzani: Controlling Life with Photons24 May 2016
Franz Roters: Crystal Plasticity Simulations: Fundamentals, Implementation, Applications23 May 2016
Sergey Artyukhin: Dynamics of domain walls in hexagonal manganites09 May 2016
Stratingh lecture - Roman Boulatov: The Force of Mechanochemistry26 April 2016
GBB lecture Rob Phillips: Allostery, the Other Bohr and Biology’s Greatest Model18 April 2016
Stratingh seminar - Clément Mazet: Iridium and Palladium Hydrides in Selective Isomerizations12 April 2016
Stratingh lecture - Sara Eisler: Synthesis, Cyclizations and Switches: Controlling Regiochemistry and Molecular Motion in π-Extended Heterocycles12 April 2016
Eitan Lerner: Backtracking and Pausing in Bacterial Transcription Initiation01 April 2016
Felix Rico: Molecular to cellular mechanics probed by atomic force microscopy17 March 2016
Burkard Hillebrands: Magnon supercurrents01 March 2016
Vladimir Dyakonov: Transient electrical studies probing charge carrier recombination in organic and hybrid solar cells22 February 2016
Oleg A. Tretiakov: Stability and Dynamics of Antiferromagnetic Skyrmions19 February 2016
Christopher McDevitt: Transition metal homeostasis at the hostpathogen interface17 February 2016
Daniel Khomskii: Orbital-selective effects in transition metal compounds: 'molecules' in solids against magnetism15 February 2016
Iwan de Esch: Breaking the equilibrium dissociation constant into fragments: The use of binding kinetics and thermodynamics in the development of selective ligands08 February 2016
Andries Meijerink: Luminescent Lanthanides: Past, Present and Future26 January 2016
Paola Gori-Giorgi: Functionals from the strong-coupling limit of DFT: promises and challenges26 January 2016
Mauro Stener: A New TDDFT Algorithm for Plasmons in Metal Clusters26 January 2016
Oleksii Ivashenko: Fundamentals and applications of molecular nanotechnology: in situ spectroscopic study of operating molecular junctions18 January 2016
Franc Meyer: Bioinspired Complexes for the Activation of Small Molecules Relevant to Chemical Energy Conversion15 January 2016
Jeroen S. Dickschat: Terpenes from Micro-organisms15 January 2016
George M. Whitesides: Water, the Hydrophobic Effect, Entropy/Enthalpy Compensation, and Molecular Recognition in Biochemistry15 January 2016
Thorsten Wagner: In-situ Studies of Organic Thin Films14 January 2016
Nathalie Katsonis: Bio-inspired strategies to amplify the action of artificial photo-switches07 December 2015
Vladimir Dyakonov: Charge carrier recombination and electronic trap states in perovskite solar cells30 November 2015
Benjamin Byrant: Probing Multiferroic Domain Walls with Scanning Probe Microscopy16 November 2015
Biplab Sanyal: Evolution of electronic and magnetic structures in spinel C0Cr2O4 with Fe doping12 November 2015
Stefanie Vogel: Sequence and Energy Dependency of VUV Radiation induced DNA Strand Breaks29 October 2015
Mehmet Acet: Hysteresis in magnetocalorics28 October 2015
A.V. Scherbakov : Manipulating magnetization by coherent phonons in nanometer ferromagnetic films28 October 2015
Andrey Zheludev: Pressure-induced criticality in organic quantum paramagnets28 October 2015
Lucas Visscher: Combining electronic structure methods with subsystem DFT: Theory and Applications12 October 2015
Frank de Groot: Understanding Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering12 October 2015
Mihail Atanasov: Ab initio Ligand Field Theory09 October 2015
Gregor Jung: Approaches to Single-Molecule Chemistry by Means of Fluorescence06 October 2015
Jagadeesh S. Moodera: Ferromagnetic topological insulator and quantum transport10 September 2015
Kirill A. Kolmakov : Red-emitting dyes for microscopy and nanoscopy: design and optimization09 September 2015
Helmut Zacharias: Organized helical molecules as effective electron spin filters03 September 2015
Suhba Ranjan Das: Nucleic Acid-Polymer Conjugates and Hybrids for Nanobiotechnology18 August 2015
Dimitrios Gournis : Graphene pillaring: Towards novel multifunctional materials14 July 2015
dr. Saeed Saleh Ardestani: Stability study and utilization of CuPc Nano-Rods in Organic Solar Cells15 June 2015
dr. Yuanyuan Hu: Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy Studies on Device Physics of Organic Field-effect Transistors19 May 2015
Prof. R. van Grondelle:The quantum design of photosynthesis15 May 2015
dr. Sense Jan van der Molen: Studying 'Van der Waals' systems by LEEM (Low-energy electron microscopy)06 May 2015
Prof.dr. Ullrich Scherf: Conjugated Polyelectrolytes – Synthesis, Properties and Use as Functional Interlayers of Electronic Devices04 May 2015
Alberto Brambilla: Low-dimensional antiferromagnetic transition metal oxides coupled to ferromagnetic Fe(001) films21 April 2015
dr. Sankara Rao Gollu: Fabrication of high-performance nanostructured organic solar cell: An experimental and simulation study10 April 2015
dr. Timo Kuschel: Investigations of the magnetic proximity effect in non-magnetic/ferromagnetic bilayers by x-ray resonant magnetic reflectivity for spin caloritronic applications09 April 2015
prof. V. Bulach : Molecular Tectonics based on Porphyrin Derivates: Chirality and Directionality07 April 2015
prof. M.W. Hosseini : Molecular Tectonics: hierarchical organization of matter in the crystalline phase07 April 2015
Prof. Arindam Ghosh : Broken symmetry states in high-performance atomically-patterned nanostructures in silicon and germanium17 March 2015
Prof. Tanusri Saha Dasgupta : Controlling Magnetism on and in Graphene - A Tale of two Stories13 March 2015
prof. Clemens Richert: Molecular Storage Solutions13 March 2015
prof.dr. Jean Roncali : Molecular Engineering of Functional pi-Conjugated Systems12 March 2015
Vlieland 201511 March 2015
Romain Castra : Gold nanoparticle electron and photon emissions after X-ray absorption10 March 2015
dr. M. Campoy Quiles: Is there a fundamental limit for light absorption in organic semiconductors?26 February 2015
Prof.dr. D. Bonifazi: Engineering organic materials through serendipity03 February 2015
dr. Artem Bakulin : Real-Time Observation of Organic Cation Motion in Methylammonium Lead Iodide Persovskites30 January 2015
dr. Wouter Roos : Physics of life at the sub - cellular level28 January 2015
dr. Sebastian Koelling: Disassembling nano-structures atom by atom28 January 2015
dr. Andrea Pucci: Vapochromic Polymer Films based on Fluorescent Molecular Rotors28 January 2015
Prof. H. Braunschweig: Transfer, Metathesis and Catenation: reactivity patterns emerging from Borylen ecomplexes22 January 2015
dr. Remus Dame: Fine-tuning the structural organization of prokaryotic genomes16 January 2015
Dirk-Peter Herten: Let the molecules do it! - Chemically controlled fluorescence probes in Microscopy16 January 2015
prof.dr. Ilko Bald: Investigation of biomolecular processes using DNA origami nanostructures16 January 2015
prof.dr. Mireille Claessens: Alpha-synuclein self-assembly at multiple length scales16 January 2015
dr. Hannes Neuweiler : One-Nanometer Single-Molecule Spectroscopy of Protein Dynamics and Function16 January 2015
prof.dr. Masaru Kuno: Single nanostructure extinction spectroscopy08 January 2015
dr. Alexej Kimel: Femtosecond opto-magnetism: Controlling and Harnessing the Fundamental Forces in Magnets08 January 2015
Johannes Reim: Skyrmion-lattice-like spin structure in antiferromagnetic CaBaCo2Fe2O705 December 2014
dr. Andreas Scaramucci: Structure and Magnetic Order in Multiferroic YBaFeCuO527 November 2014
dr. Eric Langenberg: Ferroic Transition Metal Oxides: Engineering novel Functionalities17 November 2014
Zernike Institute Quarterly Meeting05 November 2014
dr. Do Dormans: Embedded Non-Volatile Memory technology at NXP28 October 2014
Prof. dr. Andrei Kirilyuk: Balance of angular momentum and magnetization switching in ferrimagnetic alloys08 October 2014
Prof. dr. L. Gade: Perylene-Based Poly(N-Heterocycles): Organic Semiconductors for Complex Electronic Circuits, Biological Fluorescence Probes and Building Blocks for Molecular Surface Networks26 September 2014
Prof. K. Thyagarajan: Guided Wave Quantum Optics16 September 2014
Prof. R. Chatterjee: Magnetic Multifunctional Materials16 September 2014
prof.dr. R. Duine: Interactions near interfaces: from skyrmion stabilization to magnon condensation12 September 2014
dr. Debakanta Samal: Exploration of novel structural, electronic and magnetic phenomena in ultrathin cuprates22 August 2014
Prof.dr. Qun Xu: Supercritical CO2 - assisted Polymer crystallization or Assembly on Hetero-matrix20 August 2014
Prof.dr. Dongsheng Liu: Preparation of Vesicles with Programmed Geometry and Dimensions via Frame-Guided Assembly18 August 2014
prof.dr. Prashant Purohit: Stiffening, softening and collapse in filament networks04 July 2014
prof.dr. Uwe Rau: The principle of detailed balance, opto-electronic reciprocity, and the thermodynamics of light trapping in solar cells12 June 2014