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Latest Kapteyn news:

Project Academische Muurkunst ontvangt bijdrage vanuit Pilotfonds ´Gewaardeerd!´12 May 2021
New model can predict carbon cycle presence on exoplanets06 May 2021
Amina Helmi appointed Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion26 April 2021
Black holes like to eat, but have a variety of table manners13 April 2021
Astronomer Amina Helmi receives Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture Award02 March 2021
Jong sterrenstelsel met volwassen kenmerken tart theorie over vorming van stelsels12 February 2021
Evidence for substance on liquid-gas boundary on exoplanet WASP-31b03 February 2021
Prof. Filippo Fraternali is awarded the 2021 George Darwin Lectureship13 January 2021
NWO ENW-KLEIN-1 grant for Dr. Vecchi05 January 2021
Mark Oosterloo wins Young Talent Graduation Award02 December 2020
First direct detection of a brown dwarf with a radio telescope09 November 2020
Two Kapteyners awarded Vidi grants05 November 2020
Veni grants for two Kapteyners05 November 2020
The puzzle of the strange galaxy made of 99.99% dark matter is solved15 October 2020
Hugo van Woerden passed away at 9407 September 2020
PhD Supervisor of the Year Award 2020 for Prof. Fraternali27 August 2020
ALMA sees most distant Milky Way look-alike13 August 2020
Astronomer Ron Allen passed away on Aug. 812 August 2020
Restanten van een vergeten bolhoop ontdekt rond de Melkweg30 July 2020
Pionier RAVE geeft gegevens van half miljoen sterren vrij27 July 2020
Celebratory opening: ‘Donkerte van het Waddengebied’ programme25 June 2020
Filippo Fraternali wins Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award14 May 2020
UG to build more detectors for ALMA radio telescope29 April 2020
1.5 million euros for "The Darkness of the Wadden Region"01 April 2020
Spinoza Prize 2019 for astronomer Amina Helmi21 June 2019
Nederlandse Astronomenclub is nu Koninklijk27 May 2019
Groningen Astronomers solve the mystery of cold gas in hot quasars29 June 2017
Astronomers see mysterious nitrogen area in a butterfly-shaped star formation disk15 June 2017
Biografie J.C. Kapteyn nu ook in het Nederlands13 April 2016
Herschel Ruimtetelescoop wijst de weg naar een spectaculaire zwaartekrachtslens10 June 2014
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