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Latest news

Latest Kapteyn news:

Two Large-Scale Research Infrastructure projects receive 30 million investment from NWO's Nationale Roadmap22 February 2023
Pavel E. Mancera Piña wins Van Swinderen prize 202215 December 2022
Deels in Nederland ontwikkelde spectrograaf WEAVE doet eerste waarnemingen12 December 2022
Afstudeerprijs voor Hanneke Woudenberg29 November 2022
Astronomers see infrared switch on in young universe16 November 2022
'Polluted' white dwarfs show that stars and planets grow together14 November 2022
Amina Helmi delivers 2022 Halley Lecture at Oxford University26 October 2022
Experience the night at the University of Groningen24 October 2022
Else Starkenburg new member Young Academy Groningen 202220 October 2022
What environment created life on earth? Dr. Tim Lichtenberg receives prestigious The Branco Weiss Fellowship03 October 2022
Yfke Bethlehem new UG poet-in-residence05 September 2022
JWST First Scientific Data Release12 July 2022
Mural of J.C. Kapteyn revealed17 June 2022
Amina Helmi and her team involved again in most recent Data Release from Gaia-mission13 June 2022
Astronomen onthullen eerste beeld van het zwarte gat in het hart van onze Melkweg17 May 2022
Euclid STAR Prize for PhD student Sophie van Mierlo28 April 2022
Space dust, asteroids and comets can account for all water on Mercury20 April 2022
Groningen astronomers take three large near-Earth objects off the risk list12 April 2022
Early Universe bristled with starburst galaxies04 April 2022
RUG organiseert Nederlandse Sterrenkunde Olympiade 202230 March 2022
Vici grant for Karina Caputi15 March 2022
Helmer Koppelman wins MERAC prize 202215 March 2022
Astronomers take heartbeat of black hole08 March 2022
Landelijke Sterrenkijkdagen 202207 March 2022
Less powerful black hole blows environment clean after all10 February 2022
ERC Starting Grant for Brian Hare and Harish Vedantham11 January 2022
Stellar stream with exceptionally low levels of heavy elements discovered in the Milky Way05 January 2022
Amina Helmi appointed Scientific Director of NOVA17 December 2021
Else Starkenburg new member of The Young Academy 202209 December 2021
First measurement of carbon footprint of Dutch astronomy07 December 2021
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