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The current Director is prof. dr. P.C. (Pauline) Westerman. She is ultimately responsible for the policy and scientific quality of the Research Master Programme and the PhD Programme. She is chair of the admission committee for the Research Master and of the committee that selects candidates for the PhD grants. She advises the Faculty Board on continuation and prolongation of PhD projects, conducts consultations with external partners and is available for consultation about ongoing student assistantships of Research Master students as well as ongoing PhD projects. She is confidential advisor for staff as well as Master students/PhD students.

Mr. dr. A. (Albertjan) Tollenaar is deputy Director of the GGSL. He is co-responsible for the policy of the Research Master and the PhD programmes, he is - together with J.G. Knot -  mentor of the start-up groups of the PhD Programme, he signals problems, coordinates the social-science curriculum of the Research Master and PhD programmes and is also confidential advisor.

Drs. L. (Marjolijn) Both is coordinator of the GGSL. She is responsible for the development and realization of the policy of the Research Master and the PhD programmes. She maintains contacts with the PhD-council and the Education Committee, takes care of the reports of the activities of the GGSL, gives information to Master students and PhD students about the realization of their research projects and serves also as confidential advisor.

Dr. A. (Anita) Kram is responsible for the office of the GGSL. She maintains contacts with students and PhD students, makes reports in Hora Finita, is responsible for the process of approval of manuscripts and PhD ceremonies and the financial tasks of the GGSL.

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