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EEF PhD Candidates

Name Research Project
Ahmad, Syedah Essays on Islamic microfinance
Boer, Willem de The economic relationship between sport and health
Chande, Zubeda Financial literacy and retirement planning: evidence and implications for pension reforms in Tanzania
Chen, Shili Antecedents of corporate social responsibility: a multilevel perspective
Claassen, Bart Supply-side frictions in financial and non-linear dynamics in macro-finance
Dijk, Hermien The assessment of cost-effectiveness of child and adolescent mental health services: a lifecycle approach
Duran, Nicolas Spatially dependent prices in the housing market: theory, evidence, and applications
Freriks, Roel Towards life-cycle cost and benefit evaluation of child and adolescent mental health services
Gao, Ya tba
Garcia, Adriana Does the impact of microcredit depend on access to complementary inputs?
Giesenow, Fred The political economy of central banking and financial crises: new evidence based on heterogeneous panels
Gilmore, Oisin The decline in working hours and the rise of leisure in Western Europe: 1900-1950
Greef, Tom de Efficiency of intermunicipal cooperation
Grohmann, Tobias International migration and inequality
Han, Meng tba
Herrmann, Oliver Behavioral models of voter behavior
Hulshof, Daan Designing markets for renewable energy
Jiang, Yang Annuity markets in life-cycle economics
Katz, Matthijs Bail-ins, banking crises and macro-financial fragility
Keller, Jann (De-)Regulation of transmission system operators in European gas markets
Koning, Nick High dimensional methods and applications in econometrics
Kramer, Bert The classical gold standard under pressure: capital, currencies and collapse
Leeuwen, Bart van Consumption inequality: a collective household model approach to measurement
Li, Wentao tba
Ma, Ye Institutions, size, and wealth: economic development in 18th - 19th century China
Megen, Mart van Online versus offline retailers: an asymmetric equilibrium
Niccodemi, Gianmaria The effect of education on risk and occurrence of diseases later in life
Niewold, Jan The velvet revolution in financial reporting
Offerein, Jos Corporate tax avoidance: an enquiry into its causes and consequences
Peng, Yiqing Essays on financial development, a new perspective
Qiao, Kenan Asset pricing
Rao, Ziwei Children and old-age support: Intergenerational transfers, labour supply and mental health
Rehman, Atiqa Determinants and consequences of corporate social performance: a comparison of family and non-family firms
Rienks, Harm Do elections make local government responsive
Romensen, Gert Jan Essays on the behavioral determinants of fuel consumption
Schippers, Anouk Prosocial consumer behaviour in markets
Sklavos, Konstantinos Liquidity and energy assets
Stangenberg, Lennart Individual actions and political measures to mitigate climate change: complements or substitutes?
Stoffers, Nanette The freemium model on online platforms
Ten Kate, Fabian Capital taxation and economic growth
Tian, Kailan Industry upgrading
Trinks, Arjan Falling for rising temperatures? Investigating the relations between climate policy, company valuation, and investor returns
Vrooman, Arlinde tba
Vullings, Daniël The potential of CoCos to reduce financial distress
Wang, Jiyuan tba
Wiersma, Jasmira Financial literacu - Modeling the determinants of financial behavior in the Carribean
Wit, Juliette de Towards measuring social norm change
Xie, Lina tba
Yu, Shuye The role of flexible employment in life satisfaction and general health
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