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Veni grants for Daria Zhernakova and Monique van der Wijst

16 July 2019

Daria Zhernakova and Monique van der Wijst of the department of Genetics of the UMCG have both been awarded a Veni grant of 250.000 euro for scientific research. The Veni grant enables young, talented researchers to develop their ideas further for a period of three years.

Daria Zhernakova

Daria Zhernakova’s research focuses on the question what makes cardiometabolic syndrome different in men versus women. Cardiometabolic diseases are the major cause of death worldwide, yet we still do not know why they are so different in men and in women. This project will identify the genetic, environmental and molecular basis of this sex difference and create a sex-specific risk prediction model for disease incidence.

Monique van der Wijst

Expecting the unexpected through diversity? During aging some cells become more alike, while others become more disparate. This has unclear consequences. Does this prepare cells for the unexpected? Or does it hinder efficient collaboration between cells? Monique van der Wijst will determine the consequences of these changes on immune function during aging.

Veni, together with Vidi and Vici, is part of the Innovational Reseach Incentives Scheme of the NWO, Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Dutch Research Council). The aim of the programme is to give an extra boost to innovative research. The Veni grants are personal grants and awarded by the NOW annually. .

Check out www.NWO for more information .

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